Crowdin for Students: Bring Agile Localization to the Classroom

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Crowdin + GitHub Student Developer Pack

Crowdin joins the GitHub Student Developer Pack program to help students build software that speaks different languages. If you are a student enrolled in the Pack program, you will get a free annual subscription to Crowdin Bronze plan. Your project is open-source? Request an open-source license and use Crowdin for free forever. We love open-source philosophy and support young professionals that seek real-world experience in software localization.

What does the Bronze plan include?

Once you’re a part of the program you will be able to create and manage 5 projects in Crowdin with 5,000 source strings (text you want to translate to other languages). There’s no cap on the number of people you can invite to your localization projects. As well as there’s no limit on languages you can translate your software to.

There’s also a bunch of advanced features you’ll try out like integrations, in-context localization, translation QA checks, workflows, unlimited API usage, and more. Crowdin integration with GitHub will help to synchronize translatable and translated files between your repository and Crowdin localization project. This way you and translators within your projects will be able to work simultaneously and localization will run in parallel with the development process.

How to apply?

If you’re currently enrolled at a college or university, start with verifying your student status. You must be a member of the GitHub Student Developer Pack to receive a free Crowdin education account.

When this is done, sign up for a free Crowdin student account via GitHub or log into your existing one and connect your GitHub account. We’ll notify you via Crowdin UI that your account has been upgraded and you can explore our agile localization solution.

To get the most out of your Crowdin experience, turn to Crowdin Knowledge Base for detailed instructions and guides. The article Getting Started is a great one for the takeoff.


We want to give you access to all the Crowdin advanced features so you could learn that localization can be fully automated, fast, and agile. And if you then take your knowledge to your future workspaces you’ll make us super happy.

Sign up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack and head over to Crowdin to grow professionally and get experience in agile localization.

Iryna Namaka

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