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Customer Advisory Board

Crowdin is a customer-driven company. Since day one our clients’ ideas and requests have been the foundation we build our product on. We decided to make this collaboration a bit more official. We’re opening registration to the Customer Advisory Board for our new product – Crowdin Enterprise, and you’re invited! Crowdin Enterprise is currently in a Private Beta and we need your help to make it public and available to all our users.

We’re looking for early adopters. People who get excited about exploring new software and trying out beta features. Who look for new innovative ways for everything they do, with some (or super great) experience in localization of tech products. And most importantly, who are ready to share their thoughts with us.

What We Need Your Opinion On?

Crowdin Enterprise aims to simplify localization for complicated projects. There are so many great things about Crowdin Enterprise right now and we have lots of other ideas. We need your impact to filter out the ones that would be the most valuable for our customers.

The members of the Customer Advisory Board will have access to all the current and beta features of Crowdin Enterprise. If you’re enrolled in the program, you’ll use the solution firsthand and will be able to guide its development on its early stage.

Your Contribution and Reward

We count on your honest feedback and insights from the experience you get using Crowdin Enterprise. How will you be able to share your ideas? We’ll engage you in 1:1 video conversations or reach you via email surveys on an ongoing basis. After the successful application, you’ll receive a confirmation email and we’ll be able to discuss the most convenient ways to collaborate.

Participating in the program requires your time and we understand that. For your impactful feedback, you’ll get 24/7 support via Slack and a year of Crowdin Enterprise for free after the product launch. Plus, you’ll validate new concepts and features we’re planning to release. That’s like being a part of our executive team. Cool experience!


Fill in the form to join the Customer Advisory Board for Crowdin Enterprise. If you’re selected, we’ll then be in touch to discuss details. We rely on your opinion and will be excited to have you on board!

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Iryna Namaka

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