What’s New at Crowdin: April 2024

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Crowdin localization platform product updates April 2024

Crowdin’s April 2024 upgrades focus on enhancing localization processes with revamped glossary management, refined AI integration, and improved reporting features. Developers benefit from the newly introduced Crowdin API Client for Go, which simplifies API interaction, and more.

Improved Resources Management

We have redesigned the Glossary page in both Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise. The changes include UI improvements and new features to help project managers and glossary managers be more productive in keeping their terminology in good shape.

The biggest change is a separate view for concepts and terms. Each view has flexible search, filter, and sort capabilities, as well as a configurable view to select only the data you need for your task.

AI Improvements: Managed by Crowdin, Better Context and Quality

You might have seen how AI is now a natural part of Crowdin, bringing more useful features and benefits to your localization projects instead of just being an add-on. This month, we worked on its upgrade, and as a result:

  • We presented a new option for Managed AI. For straightforward, quick tasks, simply top up your balance and utilize AI providers supported by Crowdin, including Open AI, Google Gemini, and others (new this month: Mistral AI and Anthropic). However, for complex localization processes or stringent data security requirements, we still recommend having your own API keys. Soon, native AI integration will support fine-tuning similar to that available in the AI Assistant app.
  • When pre-translating large files or many strings, Crowdin would now save translations each time it receives them from the AI and reuse them in the next prompt, improving the consistency of new translations.

Together AI and Cloudflare AI Workers

Following our introduction of native AI, we’re happy to announce that developers can now create their own AI providers for Crowdin. This month, we’re welcoming two new AI providers: Together AI and Cloudflare AI Workers. Both are scalable, security-aware, and friendly for advanced use.

Want to see a live demo of the platform?

Crowdin Marketplace

Go SDK at Crowdin Go SDK

If you’re building your product with Go and want to tightly integrate localization or use Go to write your automation scripts, this library is tailored specifically for you. The Crowdin API Client for Go offers a streamlined way for developers to interact with our API directly from their Go code. Without it, you’d have to handle everything manually—from sending requests to managing errors. With this library, integration becomes effortless, allowing you to incorporate our API seamlessly into your projects. We’re still working on improving Crowdin API Client for Go, so more to come. More Crowdin API Clients.

Translation Import Options

Now, in the connector apps, there’s an option to upload translations that match the source text. For example, if you have custom names or other terms, you don’t translate and leave in the source language.

Customer.io Customer.io

Customer.io integration supports the localization of campaigns, newsletters, broadcasts, and transactional messages. Supported message types include Twillio SMS, Slack messages, email, and push notifications.

Email Digest Email Digest

Email Digest app is just a simple way to stay updated on your localization progress by collecting information from all/ your selected Crowdin projects. The app will send you updates once in a configured period to make sure you won’t miss anything important.

History of Generated Reports, Improved Raw Report

Translation cost reports offer a clear picture of the amount spent on translating various materials, helping you manage localization budgets effectively. From now on, you can see the generated report history to have an even clearer picture. Previously generated reports are available on Project > Reports > Archive.

This month, we’ve also improved the RAW Report app. Now, translations will be categorized into three groups: pre-translation, AI translation (or MT), and unchanged translation. Additionally, you’ll be able to filter data by translation provider and task. This will allow you to better analyze and control translation quality and streamline your workflow.

Customer Story: Linearity about Crowdin Storyblok App

Linearity about Crowdin Storyblok App

Read our short interview with Sam Eckert from Linearity to learn about their experience using Crowdin for Storyblok content localization.

Crowdin Enterprise: Transfer Ownership Option

We’ve added a feature that allows transferring ownership of an organization within the Crowdin Enterprise application. For instance, if the current owner, who uses a SAML account, leaves the organization, they can transfer ownership to another admin before losing SAML access. To transfer ownership, simply go to Organization Settings > Danger zone > Transfer.

Crowdin API: Sorting Endpoint Results and Viewing API Logs

Most GET API endpoints now accept a sort parameter. Great help if you need to retrieve recently created or updated items, for example. You can sort results by multiple properties depending on the GET endpoint. Sorting can be done in either ASC or DESC direction. Read more about sorting the endpoint results.

Plus, you can now easily find your organization or account API logs. To do this, go to Account Settings > API > Calls History at Crowdin. At Crowdin Enterprise, go to Organization Settings > API log.

Note that the API logs available within your Crowdin account or Crowdin Enterprise organization now gather not only data from specific projects but also other significant informational changes and events. This includes API call logs that are not project-related, such as security logs, terminology or glossary operations, interactions with artificial intelligence and machine learning providers, and much more.

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Other Updates

  • In-editor information for identifying internal spellcheck challenges.

internal spellcheck challenges

  • More detailed notifications for task status updates. A similar upgrade was made to the project activities section.

External Tools

In April, we also released new versions of the following:

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