Crowdin Expands Its Brand Vision With the Refreshed Website

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crowdin new website

Happy to announce that we are launching an updated website as Crowdin started to refresh its overall look. New Editor was the first update we introduced and judging from the reviews made the work for translators more productive and pleasurable. And here we are again with some more exciting news – updated Crowdin website is now live and sparkling. We’d like to tell you about this new chapter of our growth and share what has changed and why.

Change Feels Natural

As a company and a team, we’ve come a long way. Crowdin started as a small project aimed to create a platform for software translation. But we’ve expanded far beyond that and became a leading solution for agile teams dealing with localization. We offer an integrated approach and help to automate routine workflows. Crowdin makes localization fast, transparent, and worth the effort.

Because we are innovative and agile, we are in constant motion, expanding our areas of focus, and updating core product experiences. We are the team of quick minds and seek perfection in everything we do. Crowdin evolves with every idea we make possible together. Plans ahead of us are always challenging.

We believe, our website should reflect how our team approaches work, who we are, and where we’re headed. Our old website didn’t quite cope with the task and didn’t reflect the impactful changes that took place. That’s how Crowdin look began to change. This was expected and felt absolutely natural.

Inspired by Localization Teams

At the heart of all the changes we introduce is our primary focus on teams collaborating on localization. We believe that advanced technology simplifies workflows, makes the processes clear and opens new business opportunities for each project. Agile teams cope successfully with the most demanding localization projects with Crowdin. They motivate us to grow and encourage us to take on new challenges.

agile localization teams

We also fully understand that every team depending on its specification and the shared purposes seek different solutions. Each team has its own requests and questions to be answered. With this in mind, we launch a website that is a valuable source of information for all the company departments. Now we can address each localization team in a more direct way. We talk about the peculiarities of their work and illustrate what Crowdin has to offer in each particular case.

Clear Visual Message

The updated website has an improved content structure and visualization so you could get more from a quick read. Now it’s easier to get the overall understanding of localization management for agile teams and dive into details once necessary.

They say a good picture is worth a thousand words and we couldn’t agree more. We transformed the illustrations used in our design and managed to describe visually all the important localization aspects that might seem difficult. The refreshed website outlines more clearly what Crowdin does. Now you see distinctly how localization powered by innovation looks like.

crowdin updated website

Don’t Believe – Go See

Yes, Crowdin’s appearance has changed and it will eventually evolve further along the way. What stays the same is our commitment to bring advanced technology to localization and give every team a secure and cozy place to manage all the multilingual content together.

Head to to see our refreshed homepage in action and let us know what you think. And not only about the website.

TL;DR: We’ve updated our website as Crowdin continues to refresh the overall brand look.

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Iryna Namaka

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