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Today, we’re announcing the public beta of our new product – Crowdin Enterprise. A localization solution for your whole company, including non-technical teams. We are excited to help you gain more control over the translation process of your company’s products and related content. Streamline your complex localization workflows with Crowdin Enterprise.

Crowdin for Enterprise

A new Enterprise version of Crowdin gives you a new experience powered up with a lot of new features and tools connected. The first thing you’ll notice is the new user interface (UI), which is easy to navigate. You can now translate your projects using Workflows to get faster content turnaround and simultaneously cooperate with in-house translators, vendors, or freelancers.

Everything is now managed within your company’s Organization, which is a secure space for all your projects and teams. Each Organization is like a mini-version of your own Crowdin. Organization is a space for all your projects, project groups, resources, people management, and other cool things you need to successfully localize your company’s projects. Keep reading to learn more about this completely new experience.

Automate your translation workflows

Create your own workflows or use our templates

Each workflow consists of configurable steps, that your project’s content should go through in a specified order. You can translate different language groups using separate Machine Translation engines, work with several translation vendors simultaneously, and more. Сreate workflows that are specific to your products, types of content, teams, or anything else you can think of.

Workflows in Crowdin Enterprise

Manage user access to each workflow step and language

Each workflow step has assignees, meaning users or vendor organizations that would have access to the content on this step. Give people access to all target languages and steps or assign them to specific ones.

Access Control

Single workspace for all your project groups and projects

All the projects, resources, user management, and settings are a part of your organization. Create project groups to organize your projects based on product, content types, or customers if you’re an agency. For example, you can have separate groups for apps, websites, documentation, and more. Share translation resources, user access, and assign managers on the organization, project group, and project levels.

Workspace in Crowdin Enterprise

Organization admins and simple onboarding for new translators

View a complete list of all the people across your projects and their roles within your organization. Assign admins, who will get the same permissions as the owner, except deleting the organization, so delegating has become much easier. You can also assign dedicated managers on a group or project level.

Vendor Management

Cooperation between organizations

No need to invite translation vendors to your projects, instead you can assign them to translate or proofread by vendor steps. This way, vendors won’t see who made translations or approvals in your projects, so you can work with several LSPs simultaneously. Any personal data on their translators will be kept private and visible to their organization only.

Vendor and contributor rates

Translators and vendor organizations can set their own rates as well as different rates for clients and languages. All the specified rates are then automatically included in the reports, so it’s easy to generate cost reports with no need to type the rates.

More powerful API 2.0 and new integrations

Use the new Crowdin Enterprise API 2.0 to get async operations, performance and security updates, screenshots upload and tagging, and much more. With OAuth apps and personal access tokens you have an easy way to access and work with the Crowdin Enterprise API 2.0. View API 2.0 Docs.

With the new API we’re now able to easily extend the number of integrations. Very soon you’ll be able to integrate localization of your content from Dropbox, Mailchimp, Typeform, and many more.

Automate content localization for your teams, all in one place

The new Crowdin Enterprise is now available in public beta, so you can go ahead and try it out for yourself. Create your organization and explore the new experience on your own or request a demo and our team will walk you through. Try the new Crowdin Enterprise Beta free for 30 days.

Khrystyna Humenna

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