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Crowdin Language Services: The Fastest Way to Make Your Content Multilingual

5 mins read

Crowdin Language Services: The Fastest Way to Make Your Content Multilingual

Our new offer – Crowdin Language Services, is the fastest way to prepare content for your multilingual audience. Along with the localization management platform, we now deliver professional translation services.

Want to reach a multilingual market? Now you have a quick and easy solution. Upload your files and order translations from a new vendor – Crowdin Language Services.

New Localization Vendors: More Translation Opportunities

2 mins read

Translations as most important part of your internationalization effort just got more vendor options in Crowdin.

We’ve picked vendors up carefully considering software translation experience and expertise.

Story About Crowdin Machine Translations and Other Outstanding News

2 mins read

Have you ever feel inspired? If yes, you know how the inspiration could be: once you inspired no one can stop you from doing a lot of beautiful things.

And the inspiration given by customers’ positive feedback motivate our team to conquer the tops of localization dreams.

I am excited to present improvements that make Crowdin one of a kind.

Professional Translations at Crowdin

1 min read

Typical question of most of you after starting the Crowdin project was “How to get translators for my project”. Since Crowdin is crowdsourcing management platform we offered you to invite your communities/partners/colleagues to help with the translation. Still, sometimes it’s not enough.

When deadline is close and quality is critical you realize that the only way to proceed is to involve professionals. That brought additional expenses for organization and management process.

Another usual situation. Project is particularly translated by volunteers and considering close deadline you need to finish translation or just make sure crowd-made translations are of appropriate quality.

We can keep on counting the cases when support of professional linguists were required. Forget all those challenges. We’re excited to announce the solution today. Simple and automated as usual.