Professional Translations at Crowdin

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Typical question of most of you after starting the Crowdin project was “How to get translators for my project”. Since Crowdin is crowdsourcing management platform we offered you to invite your communities/partners/colleagues to help with the translation. Still, sometimes it’s not enough.

When deadline is close and quality is critical you realize that the only way to proceed is to involve professionals. That brought additional expenses for organization and management process.

Another usual situation. Project is particularly translated by volunteers and considering close deadline you need to finish translation or just make sure crowd-made translations are of appropriate quality.

We can keep on counting the cases when support of professional linguists were required. Forget all those challenges. We’re excited to announce the solution today. Simple and automated as usual.

Professional translation? We’ve got it!

For over two years Crowdin partners with leading language service provider - OneHourTranslation. Having over 10,000 professional translators, OneHourTranslation provides highest quality translations in matters of hours.

What does it mean for you? It means that your translation materials will be handled by the biggest, trusted company with the highest quality standards and the lowest prices. Isn’t it awesome?

What is even more awesome is that the feature is instantly available. Go to, navigate to the project settings page, switch to the “Translators” tab, click “Professional translations” button and you’re there.

We will attentively guide you on each purchase step making it easy and comfortable. Do not bore yourself managing translation, there are better things to do.

Iryna Bilyk

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