New Task Type “Translate by Vendor” Speeds up Collaboration with an Agency

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Tasks help you assign people to particular files, get the translation done on time, and split work equally. You can create tasks for the people from your project, also, (and it’s new) you can assign tasks to a translation agency.

Crowdin introduces a new type of integration with translation vendors. To ensure automation, give translators efficient context, and ability to use localization resources available in Crowdin. The new approach also helps to simplify the payment process. BLEND is the first professional translation agency we’re trying out the new type of integration with.

Assign Tasks to a Vendor

With the new vendor integration, you can work with a translation agency in Crowdin using the Tasks feature. Create a task with the type Translate by vendor and connect the account you have on the translation agency’s side via API key. This will help to automate the payment process.

Once this is done, professional translators chosen to take on your task will be automatically added to your Crowdin project. They will translate the defined content in Crowdin and change the task status. After the work is finished, translators will leave the project automatically.

Major Benefits of the New Integration

When you select to work with an agency with the help of tasks, you:

  • Get a new level of automation working with a vendor. No need to invite people to your project manually.
  • Minimize your communication with the company you order professional translation services from.
  • Make sure the translators work with all the context added to the project. This means all the translation resources like Translation Memories, Glossaries, and the context you’ve provided are available for the professionals working on the translation. The translations will also go through Quality Assurance checks that will help to avoid some language-specific or formatting mistakes like missing commas, extra spaces, or typos.

One More Way to Order Professional Translations

Hence, there are now three options to choose from when you decide to work with a translation agency. The first option, you can invite a dedicated manager from a translation agency to your Crowdin project. The manager will organize the translation workflow within your project. This person will invite translators, monitor the deadlines, and maintain translation quality for you.

You can also select a translation vendor that has an API integration with Crowdin. These agencies are marked with the gear icon on our Vendor Marketplace. In this case, Crowdin forwards your untranslated data directly to the agency, and translators will work on it outside Crowdin. After the translation is completed, files are uploaded back to the project.

And now there’s one more way to try out. If you decide to work with BLEND agency, you can assign tasks to this vendor. Both to automate the collaboration and give linguists the necessary context for high-quality translations.

Check our helpful Knowledge Base article on BLEND integration for the quick guide and start assigning tasks to this translation agency.

Iryna Namaka

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