What’s New at Crowdin: April 2022

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April 2022 Crowdin product updates

This month, Crowdin announced more than 10 new apps, including Paligo, Zapier, Clockify, and Crowdin plugin for Unity. You can also enjoy new versions of translation cost reports per task and new webhooks about finished projects built. Keep reading to take a closer look at the recent updates.

Crowdin Marketplace

Marketo Marketo

With the Marketo app, you can run multilingual campaigns faster. Install and sync content like emails, forms, landing pages, and more. In April, we made an app update. To improve how the app works with files, select Marketing Activities or Design Studio on the app’s settings.

Marketo Crowdin app

Receive Notifications on Discord, Google, Slack, Opsgenie

This month the Crowdin community developed several new apps like Discord, Google Chat, Slack for Managers, Microsoft Teams and Opsgenie. The apps will help you stay up-to-date with project progress and allows you to receive important notification on any of the mentioned platforms. All you need is to install the app and select the events you would like to receive notifications about.

Notifications app settings

Commercetools Commercetools

Localize your digital commerce platform with our new app – Commercetools. Install the app to translate products, categories, and more content items from Commercetools platform. Auto-sync source content and translations and automate the localization process.

Paligo Paligo

One of the best ways to expand into new markets is to enhance knowledge distribution and translate your support documentation into languages your users speak. That’s exactly what you can do with our new Paligo app. Install the app and localize your technical documentation, policies and procedures, and more.

Unity Unity

The new Crowdin plugin for Unity makes it easier to localize your Unity game. Learn about the Crowdin plugin for Unity, how to send your game content from Unity to Crowdin, provide context for your localization team, and download completed translations in our recent article about Unity game localization.

Zapier Zapier

Zapier lets you connect Crowdin with thousands of the most popular apps so that you can automate most of your work tasks. And what’s the best – no code required.

A few possible integrations with Crowdin via Zapier include:

View the guide and learn how to connect Crowdin to 4000+ apps.

Directory Notifications Directory Notifications

Make sure not to miss important project updates. Receive emails whenever a directory of files in your Crowdin project gets translated or proofread. For this, install the Crowdin Directory Notifications app on Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise.

Directory Notifications

HubSpot CMS Template Strings HubSpot CMS Template Strings

The new HubSpot CMS Template Strings add-on for Crowdin allows translating HubSpot CMS, landing pages, and HubSpot blog posts.

To install the add-on on Crowdin, log in to your account > Resources > Marketplace > HubSpot CMS Template Strings > click on the installation icon.

To install the add-on on Crowdin Enterprise, log in to your account > Marketplace > HubSpot CMS Template Strings > click on the installation icon.

Clockify Clockify

Track work hours across projects. Add Clockify extension to your browser, log in to your account and track time spend on the Crowdin project from the Editor. For this, click on the Clokify logo on the right top corner.

Clockify at Crowdin

View Translation Preview on Editor

Enable a translation preview of the strings while working on the translation editor. For this, go to Editor > Comfortable View > Editor Settings > Translation Preview.

View Translation Preview on Editor

Localize your product with Crowdin

Configure a Webhook about Finished Build

New webhooks to stay informed. You can configure webhooks for the following new type of event: project build is finished. Remember that only project owners and project managers can register a webhook.

More about webhooks at Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise documentation.

Task-Based Translation Cost Reports

Create reports with a new filter. Generate translation cost reports for selected tasks. For this, go to project page > Reports > Translation Cost > Task filter > Select task. Read more about project reports on Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

New Versions of API Clients, Design Plugins and Minor Improvements

In April, we released:

  • Crowdin GitHub Action 1.4.8
  • JS API Client 1.16.0, 1.17.0, 1.18.0
  • .NET API Client 2.5.2
  • Python API Client 1.1.1
  • Adobe XD Plugin 1.7.0: Added ICU strings support.
  • API endpoints for user management
  • TS files import/export improvements

Join Public Projects and Translate Together

Want to receive a translation or proofreading experience and looking for a project to translate? Here are open public projects available on Crowdin. These projects are looking for translators.

Select a project from the category you are interested in:

Read more about joining the translation project in Crowdin.

More Product and Localization Updates

Keep up to date with Crowdin product updates on the Crowdin Release Notes page. And if you have any feature requests, feel free to share them with us on the Crowdin Feature Request page. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to catch up on the month’s news and more.

Localize your product with Crowdin

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