Release notes

May, 21

Crowdin Enterprise Crowdin Enterprise is now in a public beta. It’s a completely new product built for companies and organizations, separate from

The first thing you’ll notice is your private organization, where you can create projects and project groups, localization workflows, user teams. Achieve more automation with the new API 2.0, customize your experience, and get enterprise-level security. Read our blog for more details on Crowdin Enterprise Beta.

May, 20

New Crowdin CLI v3 is now out of beta. It’s based on the new RESTful Crowdin API v2. Also, it now has multithreading for source and translation files upload, UX improvements: process indicators, loading states, emojis, interactive generation of a configuration file, and many other updates and improvements. For more details, read the CLI V3 article.

Crowdin Enterprise New filters for tasks. Now you can filter tasks by language, by file name, and by workflow step in addition to filter by assignee.

May, 18

New New version of Android Studio Plugin has been released (1.0.0)

New New version of Visual Studio Code Plugin has been released (1.0.5)

May, 15

New New version of Visual Studio Code Plugin has been released (1.0.4)

New New version of Android SDK has been released (1.1.4)

May, 14

Improved Now you can generate a Cost Estimation report that will include all languages.

May, 13

Improved With Crowdin’s integration for Figma (Strings mode) you can now send your designs as screenshot context for translators. In this mode, you integrate source texts from Crowdin into your Figma project and use them when creating your designs. With this update, you'll be able to send these designs to your Crowdin project as screenshots. Translators will see them next to corresponding source texts when translating them.

May, 12

New New version of CLI has been released (3.1.12)

May, 11

New Configure translations you're adding from your repo to Crowdin. Translations from your repository are uploaded to your Crowdin project automatically right after you set up the integration with GitHub/ Bitbucket/ GitLab/ Azure Repos. Later on, you can add any new translations from your repo manually by clicking Upload translations next to the Sync Now button in the integration settings.

May, 08

New We used to have Proofreading/Voting and Translate views in the translation Editor. Now we changed them to Side-by-side and Comfortable views accordingly. So, from now on, translators will be able to make translations and apply the same string filter in both views.

Improved Better content segmentation: we’ve updated the segmenting rules, so the accuracy is now even higher. Applies to new files only, the ones that were already uploaded and segmented won’t be changed. You can apply content segmentation to files like HTML, Docx, md, generic XML, PPTX, IDML, and others without a key-value structure.

May, 07

New The new version of keyboard shortcuts for translators. We added a bunch of new ones, like add a comment, switch to upper-/lowercase, preview file, open screenshot, copy next tag, and more. You can now also set different shortcuts based on your current OS. For example, you’ll be able to set up different shortcuts for your macOS and Windows device.

May, 04

Improved Improved Top Members report: now you can sort project members based on how translations they suggested performed. The new columns include the number of winning translations (the approved ones), translations that received upvotes, and translations that received downvotes.

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