Release notes

November, 27

New New app: Units Converter. This app converts standard units of length, area, mass, volume, temperature, speed and more. Always available right in Crowdin editor.

New New app: JSON Formatter. Tiny app to prettify JSON strings.

New New apps: HTML Entities Escape / Unescape and URL Encode / Decode. Tiny apps to encode or decode your URLs and XML/HTML entities.

November, 25

New Multilingual export TBX 3.

November, 24

New New app: Mailjet. Install to sync and translate your Mailjet email templates.

November, 23

New New option to set max. length to all strings in file, and in proportion to the original.

New More granular permissions for API tokens. Per project, TM, Glossary, and more.

New Crowdin Apps JS: Editor module actions that provide a possibility to get information from the Editor UI. More information about Editor module actions.

November, 22

New Get notifications about updated source strings.

New New app: Dyspatch. Install to sync and translate your Dyspatch email drafts.

November, 18

New DeepL Translator: Updated list of languages.

New New app: Beamer. Install the app to translate your Beamer content with ease.

November, 16

New Crowdin GH Action 1.5.1

New CLI 3.9.1

New A GitHub action to automate acknowledging translators and proofreaders to your projects.

November, 10

New React Crowdin Login 1.3.0

November, 08

New Java API Client 1.5.1

November, 04

New Ruby API Client 1.5.0

New Android Studio Plugin 1.6.1

New New API method: make the user an administrator of your Crowdin Enterprise organization.

New New app: Contentstack. The app has automatic synchronization, nice file previews, contextual information for translators, and allows translating all stacks from the CMS.

November, 03

New PHP API Client 1.8.0

New Realtime spellcheck in multilingual view and grid view.

November, 02

New .NET API Client 2.10.0

New Java API Client 1.5.0

New Python API Client 1.7.0

New Sketch Plugin 2.6.3

New Crowdin GH Action 1.5.0

New New app: Google Shared Drives to help you translate your Google Shared Drives content.

November, 01

New IOS SDK 1.5.0

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