Release notes

March, 23

New Java API Client 1.6.0

March, 20

New Ability to specify to whom to assign a merge request in VCS integrations.

New Now you can undo the previous undo action. This way you can restore deleted translations and more.

New Full-text search for concordance search in Glossaries.

March, 17

New JS API Client 1.22.1

March, 14

New New language available at DeepL MT - Norwegian Bokmål.

March, 13

New CLI 3.10.1

March, 10

New Now you can skip approved translations for TM Pre-Translation step.

New New app Time in Status. Install app to track overdue tasks and view elapsed time for tasks.

March, 06

March, 01

New New app: Google Sheets. Synchronize content and make Google spreadsheets multilingual.

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