Release notes

April, 23

New You can connect a new machine translation engine to your projects – ModernMT.

April, 22

New Python API Client v1.0.2.

April, 21

New Python API Client v1.0.1.

April, 19

New JS API Client 1.10.6.

April, 15

Crowdin Enterprise You can now filter activities not only by user but by Vendor as well.

April, 09

New iOS SDK 1.2.1

April, 08

New You can now edit Java Play Properties and Java Properties XML file formats via UI.

April, 07

New OTA JavaScript Client 0.2.0.

New Figma plugin Version 20.

April, 06

New Exported TM files now include a new attribute - tuid (translation unit identifier).

April, 02

New You can now set a default language for Glossaries and TMs if you're creating them from the Resources tab. If you're creating a Glossary or TM within a project, its default language is inherited from the project's source language. The default language will be displayed first in the record table.

April, 01

New Adobe XD plugin 1.3.0. We made UI/UX improvements, extended string search to search by identifier, and added the following options: choose the branch, override translations, content segmentation.

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