Release notes

January, 27

Crowdin Enterprise New app: Client Portal. Install the app to manage translation requests within your company.

New New app: App Store Connect. Make your app listing multilingual. The app helps you localize title, description and release notes.

January, 26

New Crowdin GitHub Action v1.6.0

New Figma plugin Version 45

January, 25

New CLI 3.10.0

January, 23

New Java API Client 1.5.3

January, 22

New JS API Client 1.21.1

January, 19

New New app: Translated File Max. Length. This application would allow the manager to set the maximum length of a translated file.

January, 18

New Sketch plugin 2.7.0

New Crowdin GitHub Action 1.5.3

New .NET API Client 2.11.0

New New app: Inconsistency Check. The application offers two reports to serve as an additional quality assurance check.

January, 17

New Python API Client 1.8.0

New Open Editor in a few clicks. For this, go to the project home page > Go to Editor.

New New app: Translations Quality Report. The application offers a detailed view of automated quality assurance (QA) issues within your project.

New JS API Client 1.21.0

January, 16

New CLI 3.9.2, 3.9.3

New New app: Bilingual Docx Export. The app generates translated documents that include both the source text and translations.

New New AP.editor.setFocus method.

January, 13

New New app: Apple .stringsdict Exporter. Help you generate .stringsdict resource files for your application from your Crowdin project strings.

January, 12

New New app: CroQL Tester. Easily build, test, and troubleshoot CroQL queries within the Crowdin web interface.

January, 06

Crowdin Enterprise New app: Proofreading Diff. The app helps your team track and analyze changes made during proofreading.

January, 05

New New app to translate your video captions: Vimeo.

January, 04

Crowdin Enterprise New app: Transcreation app. It allows translators to provide multiple translation options for each segment and include back translations. While the manager can review all the back translations for each segment and choose your preferred ones.

New JS API Client 1.20.0, 1.20.1

January, 03

New New app: SSA/ASS Subtitles. Translate subtitles with ease.

January, 02

January, 01

New Your own script to build files from bundles with our new Custom Bundle Builder app.

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