Release notes

May, 25

Improved For some of the apps, we changed the file view from the file name to the file path. In case you have files with the same name in different locations, you’ll be able to distinguish them faster now. This change applies to the following apps: Duplicate Finder, Translation Delivery Time, Writing Assistant, Simple Term Extractor for Crowdin, Segmentation Rules Generator, and Translation Memory Generator.

New As DeepL Translator launched 13 new European languages, we made them available as well.

May, 21

Improved For content exported via DVCS integrations, you can now specify which files to exclude from translation into specific languages. Use the file_language_exclude parameter in the .yml configuration file.

May, 20

Improved To set up a custom QA check, you can now copy the code snippet structure with a single button. Open the QA check you need on Crowdin Marketplace > Installation tab, and then copy the snippet. View Custom QA checks.

New Integration with Symfony (5.3)

May, 17

New You can add a Joined column in the Top Members report to see the date each translator joined your project. This could help to fairly assess the contribution, as translators that joined recently are likely to have less contributions when compared to the ones who joined before them.

New Connect custom notification channels to your account. For example, it can be a messenger of your choice or some internal tool you use. Learn how to connect a custom notification channel in Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

Improved We added search bars in the Pre-translate window, so now you can search files and languages to pre-translate.

May, 16

New Crowdin OTA JavaScript client 0.3.0

May, 14

New CLI 3.6.1

May, 13

Improved You can now add words to the Spell Check ignore list via API v2, so they’re not highlighted as QA issues in translations.

May, 12

Improved Automate the update of Glossaries you are translating. Enable daily Glossary update and select the sync time in the Glossary Translate App. You can still update Glossaries manually or only upload them once to the specified project without updating them in the selected project.

May, 11

Improved You can now save currency and report units for the Cost Estimate and Translation Cost reports to generate a report with the same parameters next time.

May, 07

New Freshdesk integration: localize your Knowledge base articles, frequently asked questions, and other helpful content to provide your customers with support in their native language. Read more about Freshdesk integration with Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

New JS API Client 1.11.0

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