Release notes

January, 23

New We've updated our Status Page, so you can now get more details on how our systems are doing. You'll see our uptime history, any incidents reported and resolved, and you can subscribe to receive such updates to your inbox.

January, 22

New Our Knowledge Base is now available in Italian, Ukrainian, and Portuguese. View our documentation in your language by selecting it from the drop-down list at the bottom of the page.

January, 20

New We added a preview for .xlsx files. Choose import all texts when uploading a file to preview it later in the Editor.

Improved When using the over-the-air content delivery feature you can now get all the distributions released automatically, not only the first one.

January, 08

New Added Google AutoML Translation. AutoML models can learn on your projects and suggest machine translations that are most relevant in your case and use project-specific terminology. To learn how to configure Google AutoML Translation for your Crowdin project, read Google Cloud AutoML Translation.

January, 03

New New version of CLI has been released (3.0.5)

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