Release notes

July, 23

New GitHub Crowdin Action 1.3.0

July, 22

New Crowdin API client JS 1.11.3

Improved Now you can find specific strings in TMs. We can match the following queries: case match, phrase match, and exact match. To edit TM records on Crowdin, go to Resources > Translation Memory > All Records. Next to the search bar, you will see the following options: Match case, Match whole phrase, and Exact match. On Crowdin Enterprise, open the Translation Memory tab on the left menu bar, and choose a TM.

New New app: API Console. With this app, you can run custom API scripts using JavaScript API Client directly from the browser and format the results output using HTML and CSS code. The results are visible directly on Crowdin.

July, 21

Improved Now you can set up integrations with GitLab and Azure Repos using your Personal Access Token.

July, 16

New GitHub Crowdin Action 1.2.0

July, 15

New You can now see the translation preview when translating strings in FTL file format.

Crowdin Enterprise Improved You can delete vendors from your organization now. For this, open your workspace > go to Vendors on the left-hand menu > click the three-dot button next to the vendor you want to delete > Remove vendor.

July, 13

New Now, when creating a new project via API, you can choose to show/hide/show, but auto-translate duplicates, allow machine translations (Microsoft Translator, Google Translate) to be visible for translators in the Editor, enable auto-substitution, configure In-Context, and more.

July, 12

Crowdin Enterprise Improved You can list your project members via API now. You can search users by first name, last name or username.

July, 08

New Java API Client 1.3.10

Improved You can now add context when adding strings to resx, iOS strings, Android XML, properties, and JSON files via API. See how to add strings with context via API.

Improved You can upload SRX segmentation rules to the storage now and use them while applying API methods like Add File & Update or Restore File.

New Figma plugin Version 24

July, 07

New New format available: FTL.

New WPML plugin integration.🎉 You can sync content from the WPML Translation Plugin with Crowdin to translate your WordPress website faster.

July, 06

Improved Now, you can sync your Intercom articles that include emoji in headlines with your Crowdin localization project.

New PHP API Client 1.5.1

Improved The sync process for Git-integrations is now much more informative. We added a progress bar that shows which part of the work is done. When you hover over the progress bar, you can also see what the integration is doing right now: downloading files, exporting translations to the service, and more.

July, 05

New Java API Client 1.3.9

July, 02

New Figma plugin Version 23

July, 01

Improved VCS integrations: add a custom pull/merge request title and labels via crowdin.yaml configuration file.

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