Release notes

October, 13

New New app: Raw Report Data App. Export translation activities (date, translator id/login or MT name, proofreading date, and more) as a CVS file. Build custom reports based on time, languages, units (users, words, segments, characters, or characters with spaces).

New New app: MyMemory. MyMemory is a translation memory that includes public TMs from domain-specific multilingual websites. With our new connector, you can use MyMemory TM to pre-translate your projects and view its suggestions in the editor.

New New app: KantanMT. Connect your project with the KantanMT platform, where you can train your custom engine. Upload translation memories or other content files and create your custom Kantan MT engine, which you can connect to your Crowdin project.

October, 09

New JS API Client 1.12.2

New Figma plugin Version 27

October, 08

New It’s now easier to create a Crowdin app. We created a template and described how to get started. All you need is to write the code for Crowdin interaction with your service. We also created the Crowdin Apps Functions library with utility functions to help you quickly create your own Crowdin App.

Crowdin Enterprise If you don't know the vendor's subdomain, use a shareable link to invite the vendor. Go to Vendors > click Invite Vendor > Get a shareable link > choose the expiry date (you can change expiration period after sending the link too) > copy and share.

October, 06

New Java API Client 1.3.15

October, 04

New PHP API Client 1.6.0

New New app: Salesforce Knowledge. Crowdin Salesforce Knowledge connector allows you to import your articles to Crowdin projects. Once you translate them to selected languages, you can import localized texts back to your knowledge base.

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