Release notes

October, 16

Improved Remove words accidentally added to the spellcheck ignore list. Go to Project Settings > Translations tab > QA > spellcheck ignore list.

October, 15

Improved API v2 improvements: mass label assign, manage labels for each string, filter by labels, put/get/delete project members.

October, 14

Improved Translation Memory Generator app is now optimized to create TMs from projects with large amounts of content. You can now also choose projects from within groups to build TMs based on their content.

October, 13

Improved Translation/source text issues reported in the Editor now have additional information next to them that includes the issue type and resolved status.

October, 12

Crowdin Enterprise Improved Sort projects by Last activity and Last opened by me.

Crowdin Enterprise Fixed Switch from Source Text Review to other workflow steps within the Editor. Open left-hand menu > Workflow > choose the step.

New Create webhooks for task added/status changed/deleted.

Crowdin Enterprise Create your apps with more functionality, as we just added two modules. With the Organization menu module, you can add items that will be accessible to organization admins in the left-hand menu in the Workspace. With the Project menu module, you can add items that will be accessible to project managers in the left-hand menu in the project.

October, 10

New iOS SDK 1.1.6

October, 09

Crowdin Enterprise Improved If you open the Editor outside of Workflow, you’ll be able to switch to workflow steps using the left-hand menu.

New App: Translation Package Builder. Create a translation package for a given set of input documents and languages. Translation packages are handy if the translation vendor you work with can not work with Crowdin for any reason.

October, 08

New Manage Labels using our new API methods both for Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

Improved Added file search to the task creation wizard.

October, 07

New You can now enable Normalize Placeholders or Save Metainfo in sources via API as well.

Crowdin Enterprise Star projects to have quick access to the ones you need. You can star projects from the Workspace or project page. All these projects will be displayed in the Workspace at the left menu bar under Starred projects.

New Android studio plugin 1.2.1

October, 06

New Custom export for Android XML and Strings file formats can be used via API using the Export Project Translations method in Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

Improved Better import of comment attributes for Android XML files. Special symbols like tags, ampersands, line breaks are now properly displayed in the Editor.

October, 05

New App: Issue Notification Manager. Forward issues created by translators to the right person in your team. Set up notifications for the selected issue types (mistakes in the source strings, lack of context).

October, 02

Improved Extended response for Language Translations, now you also receive an object with user details and date added for the translation.

New Spellcheck improvement: get a list of words and phrases added to the ignore list to edit or remove them. View Dictionaries API methods for Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise.

October, 01

Crowdin Enterprise While tagging a screenshot you can now see how many strings are already tagged, easily choose the file you want to use strings from, tag only filtered strings, and some more improvements await you.

Improved Import spreadsheets with Labels column. You can now choose it from a drop-down list when configuring a spreadsheet.

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