What’s New at Crowdin: August 2022

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August 2022 Crowdin product updates

From new Netlify, Vercel, Travis CI, and Circle CI apps and guides to 7 apps that helps you make your chatbot multilingual – here’s our monthly recap on our latest product launches since July. As always, in this article, we’ll look back on the last released apps, guides, and features.

Let’s find out more about how you can automate more developers’ tasks, create a Crowdin app, move projects between groups on Crowdin Enterprise, and more.

Crowdin Marketplace

Automate Developers Tasks

Install our new Netlify and Vercel apps, or follow the Travis CI and Circle CI guides available on Crowdin Store to automate more developers’ tasks and save time. Discover how to select certain Crowdin events that would trigger a build.

For example, choose to deploy translations automatically when a file or a project is 100% translated or reviewed.

Localize Akeneo content with Crowdin Akeneo

A new app that helps you globalize your products by localizing product details you create and manage at Akeneo. Install the Akeneo app to sync and localize your Akeneo content with ease. Translate your product information and reach global markets.

Configurable JSON&YAML Configurable JSON&YAML

This app is handy when you have a YAML or JSON file produced by some software and only part of the file properties should be translated.

Configurable JSON&YAML app will help you to import and translate certain properties from your JSON or YAML file. For this, you need to install the app, and specify special selectors similar to XPath used in XML so the app import only what you need for translation. Read more about JSON Path in Stefan Goessner’s original post.

Docbook Docbook

Install new Crowdin Docbook app to be able to translate your DocBook files with the help of Crowdin localization software.

Make Your Chatbots Multilingual

Companies that have customers in different countries can create multilingual funnels using localization and globalization strategy. To enter new markets, gain competitive advantage, and smoothen communication with your customers from all over the world, make your chatbot multilingual.

To start your localization journey and ensure automated conversations in the languages your customers speak, install one of our new apps for chatbot localization.

Can’t Find the App You Need?

In case you can’t find what you need, we created a Request integration block, so you can write down the details (the more, the better) and suggest an integration that might improve your localization workflow.

Want To Create App for Crowdin Store?

Take a look at our new resource – Developer Portal. Here you can find details about CLI, API, dev tools, and most importantly – how you can develop and publish apps for Crowdin. It can be an integration with your favorite tool where your content lives (CMS or Marketing), an extension for the editor to ensure higher translators’ productivity, and more. Need more information? Fill in the form to become a Crowdin Integration Partner.

Translate File: Fast Navigation

We added a new easy, and fast way of navigation to the editor so you can start translating the file. Go to Content > Choose the file > Open in Editor > Choose the language > Start translating.

Translate file in editor

Want to see a live demo of the platform?

Crowdin Enterprise Updates

Move Your Projects and Recourses Between Groups

In August, we’ve got some updates to make project management more accessible and intuitive. Now you can move your projects between groups. Keep in mind that the project moves along with all the resources (TM and Glossaries).

Move translation projects between groups

Export Strings That Passed Workflow

Crowdin Enterprise now has a new export option: Export strings that passed workflow. In other words, only strings that reached the End step will be included in the exported files.

To enable this option, go to your localization project > Project Settings > Export > choose Export strings that passed workflow.

GraphQL Playground GraphQL Playground

The new GraphQL Playground app is a convenient way to run queries against the Crowdin GraphQL API from within the Crowdin web interface. Install now to easily build, test, and debug queries

GraphQL Playground

Localization at Kinsta: Tech-enabled Human Translation

Earlier in August, we published an interview with Peter Kovacs, Director of Global Expansion at Kinsta. There Peter shares some thoughts about building a global presence from scratch, being an outsider to localization, and how, for Kinsta, tech-enabled humans rule all the way. Read the full interview about localization at Kinsta.

New Versions of API Clients, Plugins, and Other Updates

In August, we released the following:

Stay Tuned for a New Crowdin Updates

We’re always looking to create features that help you localize faster and easier. If you have an idea for a feature like that, submit it on the feature requests page, and don’t forget to vote for the existing ones. For the most up-to-date overview of what we’ve released – check out our release notes page.

Localize your product with Crowdin

Automate content updates, boost team collaboration, and reach new markets faster.
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