What’s New at Crowdin: March 2022

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March 2022 Crowdin product updates

Crowdin releases new features every month. Here’s a new portion of updates launched this March: we updated Crowdin Store, released new apps, new versions of design plugins and external tools, added new languages to Watson IBM Translate MT, and the ability to search TM records across all TMs in your Crowdin Enterprise organization.

Let’s go through the monthly round-up of the latest features, fixes, and apps so that you can get most of our both products.

Improved Crowdin Store and New Apps

It is easier to find what you need when everything is sorted by category or type. That’s why you can see more apps categories on our new Crowdin Store page. Additionally, you can filter apps by tags and authors.

Pendo Pendo

Deliver a better and more personalized product experience for your customers. For example, translate your product or onboarding guides to the language your users speak. Install the new Pendo app and automate the content uploaded from Pendo to Crowdin to spend less time managing translations.

To install the app on Crowdin, go to Resources > Marketplace > Pendo.
To install the app on Crowdin Enterprise, log in to your account > Marketplace > Pendo.

TextMaster TextMaster

The new TextMaster app allows you to connect your TextMaster account and order translations from verified expert translators on the Crowdin project page. Select files, translation options, and target languages to create an order.

Some alternatives are:

Drupal Drupal

Make your Drupal website multilingual with Crowdin. With our new translation plugin for Drupal, you can synchronize content for translation directly to your localization project in Crowdin and send translations back to your Drupal site.

Crowdin Translation Plugin for Drupal requires the Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) module and an account on Crowdin with a localization project. You can discover more information about the features and installation steps of the Crowdin translation plugin for Drupal in the guide.

Request Integration

In case you can’t find what you need, we created a Request integration block, so you can write down the details (the more, the better) and suggest an integration that might improve your localization workflow.

Request Integration:Crowdin Store

On-Demand Demo: Localization with Crowdin Quick Intro

Want to learn Crowdin basics or need a video to do an intro for a colleague? We prepared an 8-minute on-demand demo for a short introduction. Get acquainted with the main features and take a look at the example of an active localization project.

Go to our on-demand demo page, leave your email and view the recording. View at any convenient time and start localizing with Crowdin. Have additional questions? Contact us or use our knowledge base to learn more details about the platform.

Localize your product with Crowdin

Customize DeepL MT with Glossary

Personalized DeepL machine translation engine with the help of your glossary and receive more accurate translations. For this, select a language pair, pick a glossary and update DeepL MT.

Want to achieve even better results? Read our recent article about the post-editing of machine translation.

Customize DeepL MT with Glossary

More Languages in Watson IBM Translator MT

Great news for those who needed Bosnian, Welsh, French(Canada), Nepali, Sinhala, Serbian, and Ukrainian languages in Watson IBM Translator MT. All of them became available on Crowdin in March.

Crowdin Enterprise

Search TM Records across All Your Translation Memories

By going to the Translation Memory tab, you can check for all the available translations from Translation Memory, which is the vault of translations uploaded to the system by project managers.

To search TM records across all your translation memories, click on All Records. Then, enter your request (word, word combination, or string) to the search line at the top of the page.

Style guides and References Style guides and References

Style guides are a great tool for understanding the specific tone and level of formality the translator should aim for when localizing your product to different languages. The style guide is among the most important documents in the software localization process.

With our new app, you can create, edit and store your company style guide in the Crowdin Enterprise organization, so it will be easily accessible for translators and proofreaders when they need it. To achieve the best results, you can also add a link or upload a file with a reference for translators, and help them by providing the context.

To install the Style guides and References app, log in to your Crowdin Enterprise profile, go to Marketplace > Style guides and References > install. After the installation, go to the project > find Guides&References on the left menu.

Translation Keys: Online Editing

Edit keys for files that support online editing. Some of the file formats that allow editing (adding, deleting, and modifying) of the source texts and keys directly in Crowdin:

  • CSV
  • RESX
  • JSON
  • Android XML
  • iOS strings
  • ARB

To edit, go to Content > Files. Learn more about file management.

New Versions of API Clients

In March, we released new versions of:

New Versions of Design Plugins

In March, we released new versions of our design plugins for:

In those new versions, you’ll have the ability to edit string identifiers. Now you can do it both from the UI and via API.

Case Study: Game Localization at SCS Software

Crowdin helps SCS Software manage the localization of 2 games and Steam Achievements into 47 languages. More than 70% of their customers are non-English speakers, and their localization project in Crowdin currently has 200+ members.

We prepare an article that includes 3 key takeaways and lessons on game localization from the case study we did with SCS Software.

Your Insights Are Valuable

We work to make your localization process more convenient and efficient. Feel free to share your ideas for product updates on our Feature Request page. And don’t forget to follow updates on the release notes page.

Are you a Crowdin user, and would you be happy to recommend it? Do you have 10 minutes to spare? Then go to G2 and review Crowdin.

Localize your product with Crowdin

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