What’s New at Crowdin: April 2021 Roundup

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April 2021 product updates

This month we’re back with a few product updates for you along with a new app for Intercom, new versions of Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD plugins, one more machine translation engine you can connect to your projects, and new ways to handle duplicate strings. Plus, a story with Camila Pedraza on how they approach localization at AssessFirst.

Let’s take a look at what’s new with Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise in April.

Crowdin Marketplace

We keep adding new apps to Crowdin Marketplace, so you can automate content updates for the tools you’re using for your content of any type, including product, marketing, support, and any other content types. So feel free to let us know which integrations you’re waiting for next.

Also, we create apps that extend the functionality of Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise, so if there’s any feature you’d like to have – make sure to check out apps in our Marketplace first.

Request new features and apps

Crowdin + Intercom integration Intercom App: Localize Your Help Center Articles

With Crowdin + Intercom integration, you can provide help content for your customers speaking different languages. Translate your help center articles, sections, and category names into the languages that your customers speak, so they can use your product easier. This app is free, all you need to sync articles between Intercom and Crowdin is to install this app from Crowdin Marketplace and set it up for your localization project. Translators in Crowdin will be able to preview articles when translating them, so that translations can be consistent.

Read more about the Intercom app

Webflow website localization Webflow Website Localization with JS Proxy App

If you’re using Webflow for your website, you can now localize it simpler, with no need to manually clone your website for each locale. With the JS Proxy app you can add a simple code snippet to the custom code section in the settings of your Webflow project to add a language drop-down. All the texts on your website are automatically scanned and uploaded to your Crowdin project. Where translators can translate them in the editor. All the translations are stored in Crowdin and distributed over-the-air. To publish them, you can select files, languages and click distribute.

Read more about adding localization to your Webflow website

Issue Notification Manager App Updated Issue Notification Manager App

Staying up-to-date with your work is essential, especially now, when most of us work remotely and face asynchronous communication. Receiving notifications at a specific time makes your work more predictable. That is why we improved the Issue Notification Manager app by adding a configurable sync schedule. You can schedule notifications for once an hour/day/week. This way, the person responsible for handling issues reported by translators can receive them in batches at the best time to take care of them.

Notification schedule

Issue Notification Manager app

Managing Duplicate Strings

We added strict and regular duplicate detection. If you enable strict duplicate detection, we’ll compare both the string and identifiers (keys). With regular detection, we compare only strings, meaning if the identifiers (keys) are different, but the text is the same such strings will be considered duplicates.

Crowdin Enterprise Updates

Exchanging Comments with External Organizations in the Editor

You can also mention people outside of your organization in the comment section in the editor. This way, translators on the vendor side can mention your team to clarify some context or report typos in the source text, the same way managers on the client-side can mention your team to discuss some translations. It only works if you select the Shared checkbox when creating a comment to share it with an external organization. All the other comments will remain available only for the members of your organization.

Bulk Actions in the User Management Tab

Select multiple users in the user management tab and add them to a team, block, or delete their accounts. You also can select a single user and add this person to multiple groups at once. Please note that this tab is available to organization owners and admins.

Bulk user edit

Filter Tasks by Group and Activities by Vendor

View only tasks assigned to people from a specific group, like Spanish translators or Marketing content editors. It’s especially helpful if you have different groups for different departments working separately, managing a specific group of translators, and similar cases, when there are many tasks on the board, but you need only to overview some of them.

Also, in the activity tab, you can filter actions by vendor, the same way as you already could filter activities by user.

Translation Editor Improvements

Auto-approve Option For Proofreaders

If you’re a proofreader, you can enable the Auto-approve option in the editor settings. This way all the translations you add will be automatically approved, so you don’t have to switch to the side-by-side view to mass approve them. This option is also available for users with higher permissions (managers, admins, owners).

Auto-approve translations by proofreaders

Filter Duplicates

If you have enabled branches, you can filter duplicates in the Editor to view duplicates that share the exact translation or have different ones. To try out this filter, go to Editor > Advanced Filter > Duplicates.

Released CLI 3.6.0

With the new version of CLI, you’ll be able to:

  • Pre-translate files via Translation Memory or Machine Translation engines. This can be applied to files that match the wild-card pattern contained in the specified project.
  • List project’s target languages. You can get a list of language names and codes in the specified format.
  • Pass the –dest parameter as a command in the crowdin.yml configuration file. Previously, you couldn’t run it directly, only using workarounds.

CLI 3.6.0 release documentation

Plugins for Design Teams

We constantly update our design plugins, so you can localize your product’s UI and create multilingual assets faster. Along with providing translators with context and creating/updating text strings right from your design tool.

Updated Crowdin Plugin for Figma

This month we released two new versions of the Crowdin plugin for Figma, so version 21 is the latest one. Now, you can configure branches, where your frames/artboards will be added or from which you will pull strings or a file list. You also can add the same string into multiple files and search strings not only by text and identifiers (keys), but by context as well.

Learn more about the Crowdin plugin for Figma

Updated Crowdin Plugin for Sketch

Crowdin plugin for Sketch v. 2.3.5 is now available.

We’ve limited string preview to 1000 strings with the ability to search among all strings remaining. Your selected files will be remembered, so there’s no need to select them again. Also, you can now search not only strings and identifiers (keys) but context as well.

Install Crowdin plugin for Sketch

Updated Crowdin Plugin for Adobe XD

We’ve made UI/UX improvements, extended string search to search by identifier (key), and added the following options:

  • Сhoose the branch where your frames/artboards will be added or from which you will pull strings or a file list.
  • Override translations.
  • Content segmentation.

API Clients

We released new versions of the following Crowdin API clients:

See API 2.0 documentation for Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

New Machine Translation Engine: ModernMT

Some of you requested to add ModernMT to the list of MT engines you can connect to your project via UI. It’s now available for anyone under the MT section. To connect it you’ll need to provide your license key. After connecting the engine you’ll be able to pre-translate strings and view translation suggestions in the Editor by this MT.

You can connect machine translation engines to your projects via the Resources tab in Crowdin. In Crowdin Enterprise, it should be added at the organization level from the Machine Translation tab and then added to the workflow of a specific project.

Crowdin + ModernMT

File Import and Export

We added two more file formats you can edit via UI: Java Play Properties and Java Properties XML.

Add new source strings, remove or update them right from your Crowdin project, no need to change the file locally and then update it in Crowdin.

If you have a file sync configured, make sure to enable the Sync sources option, that pushes the changes made to the source file to your repo or other system, so you have the same file version across platforms.

TM and Glossary

Exported TM files in the TMX file format now include a new attribute - tuid (translation unit identifier).

Also, you can now set a default language for Glossaries and TMs if you’re creating them from the Resources tab. If you’re creating a Glossary or TM within a project, its default language is inherited from the project’s source language. The default language will be displayed first in the record table.

Translation Memory preview selected languages

How AssessFirst Team Approaches Localization in an Interview with Camila Pedraza

We recently started interviewing our customers to learn more about how they tackle localization in their companies and share interesting insights with you.

In April, we interviewed Camila Pedraza, a localization manager from AssessFirst, managing the localization of their product into 14 languages. We also discussed how critical accurate translations are for a product that deals with psychometric analysis, localization success metrics, how important developers are to localization, and Camila’s journey as a localization manager.

Read the full interview with Camila, AssessFirst’s localization manager.

Help Us Keep Improving

We’re already working on new apps, so you can integrate content from any tool you use with Crowdin. This way, you’ll have one centralized place to manage all your source content and translations. Hope you found helpful updates for your localization projects, and stay tuned for more updates coming next month. If you have some specific suggestions that would make localization a better experience for you – please share your ideas via the Feature Request page.

Missed our product updates from last month? Check out our latest releases.

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