What’s New at Crowdin: October 2020 Roundup

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October was a fun month and brought us some exciting new updates we’re ready to share with you. A bunch of new and empowered Crowdin apps, the ability to install them for your crowdin.com accounts, and new modules for those who create custom apps on their own. Updates for Crowdin Enterprise, our new API 2.0, and more.

Read on to stay on top of everything that is new.

Crowdin Apps. Newly Launched and Improved

The best thing: Crowdin Apps are now also available for crowdin.com users and accessible in the Account Resources. With apps, you can integrate both Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise with the tools and services used along the localization process. There are numerous apps you might want to take for a test drive, and more is yet to come.

Explore Crowdin apps.

Improved Issue Notification Manager App

The Issue Notification Manager app allows you to forward issues created by translators to the right person within your team. You can set up notifications for the selected issue types (like mistakes in the source strings or lack of context) and add up to 5 emails to quickly resolve the project issues.

More about the Issue Notification Manager app.

Improved Translation Delivery Time App

The Translation Delivery Time App helps you monitor how long it takes for the content to be translated. With the update, you can watch translation delivery time and get the list of strings or words that are translated with the specific speed.

For example, you see that ten strings are being translated longer than 1 hour. You get the list of these strings and check the problem. Perhaps, translators need more context to work faster.

More about the Translation Delivery Time app.

New Pseudo-Localization App

This app allows you to check the product readiness for localization. Run pseudo-localization to test how much space the translated variants would take in the UI, check if all the files are uploaded for translation, and more.

More about the Pseudo-Localization app.

New Translation Package Builder App

Translation Package Builder application allows you to create a translation package for a given set of input documents and languages. Translation packages will be of use if the language service provider you work with can’t work with Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise for any reason.

More about the Translation Package Builder app.

Improved Translation Memory Generator App

Translation Memory Generator application is now optimized to create TMs from projects with large amounts of content. You can now also choose projects from within groups to generate Translation Memories based on their content.

More about the Translation Memory Generator app.

Improved Contentful App

Translated articles used to arrive at Contentful with the status “Changed” and required you to get them published manually. But not anymore. When you now synchronize texts back to Contentful, specify the article status (Draft, Changed, Published, or Archived). To get the articles published immediately, set the article status to Published.

More about the Contentful app.

New Modules to Build Apps for Crowdin Enterprise

The previous month, we added two more modules, and now six modules allow you to extend the Crowdin Enterprise user interface, create integrations with external services, and more. The new modules are:

  • Organization menu module. It allows you to add items accessible to organization admins in the left-hand menu in the Workspace.
  • Project menu module. It allows you to add items accessible to project managers in the left-hand menu in the project.

Learn more about Modules for Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

API 2.0 Updates

  • We’ve introduced Labels API so you can assign labels to strings, manage labels for each string separately, filter content by labels, and more.
  • You can now also remove words accidentally added to the spell check ignore list via API 2.0.
  • We’ve extended the List Language Translations method’s response and added a user avatar URL for the Reports API requests so you could get more data with less number of requests.
  • There are now methods to put/get/delete project members.
  • You can now send webhooks when tasks on Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise were added/deleted or got new status.
  • You can now Normalize Placeholders for your iOS and Android strings or Save Metainfo in sources via API 2.0.
  • There’s now an ability to run pseudo-localization via Machine Engine within your Crowdin Enterprise projects via API 2.0.
  • Released Crowdin API client PHP Version 1.4.0.
  • Released Crowdin API client JS Version 1.9.0.
  • There’s now the ability to generate organization and group reposts for Crowdin Enterprise via API 2.0.
  • You can now also generate the Contribution Raw Data report for both platforms to get information on languages, users, translations, and more. You will get the “raw” data in the CSV format and process the information the way you need it.

Check out API 2.0 Documentation for Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

Updated Crowdin Plugin for Adobe XD

Crowdin plugin for Adobe XD allows you to localize product UI and engage your design team in the localization process in the early stages. This means you get fewer fixes after the UI gets translated and deliver a consistent user experience across languages.

With the update, designers can preview translations for the dynamic content and customize multilingual versions directly in Adobe XD. There is still the ability to prototype with the real copy, send tagged screenshots to Crowdin in a click, and quickly generate multilingual marketing visuals like banners or brochures.

Learn more about Crowdin Plugin for Adobe XD.

Apps Localization

Released iOS SDK 1.1.6

The latest version of Crowdin iOS SDK allows you to configure a floating button to quickly access the SDK features like uploading screenshots, enabling/disabling real-time preview, or reloading translations.

Learn more about Android and iOS SDK.

Custom Exporters for the Android XML and Strings Formats

You can now download translations in the Android XML and Strings file formats regardless of the source file formats. Use Crowdin API 2.0 to launch custom exporters.

More about the Export Project Translations method for Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

Translation Process Management

New Look for Your Profile Page

Your profile page on crowdin.com has got a new look. We’ve improved navigation between projects you own, contribute to, and manage. You now get easier access to the Create Project button and can also switch between grid and list project views.

Editing Ignored Spellcheck List

You can now remove words accidentally added to the spellcheck ignore list. For this, go to Project Settings > Translations tab > QA > Spellcheck ignore list.

More Information on Project Build and Issues

In the Project Activity, tab managers can now see more information about project build. There is now information on the languages and branches the build was made for.

In the Editor, the reported issues now have additional information next to them, including the issue type and resolved status.

Importing Spreadsheets with Labels Column

When uploading CSV/XLSX Files to Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise, you can now map a column as Labels and import multiple labels in a click.

Learn more about Labels on Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

Crowdin Enterprise Only

New Sorting Options for Projects

When looking for the projects within your Crowdin Enterprise workspace, you can now sort projects by Last activity and Last opened by me. It should help you find the necessary projects faster.

There are now also Starred projects displayed in the Workspace on the left menu. You can star projects from the Workspace or project page to access them quickly.

Switching Between Steps in the Editor

In the Editor, you can now switch from Source Text Review to other workflow steps using the left-hand menu. Also, if you open the Editor outside of Workflow, you can go to the necessary workflow steps using the same menu.

Assigning a Team as Managers

To give people manager access at once, you can assign a team as managers on a group or organization level.

Learn more about Teams.

Switching Back From the Permissions Granularity Mode

We’ve added an ability to deactivate Permissions Granularity Mode for your Organization. For this, make sure you’ve reassigned all the group and subgroup managers to the necessary projects. After the switch, all the Glossaries, Translation Memories, and connected Machine Translation engines will be moved to the Workspace root. They will be accessible for assignment to all projects within your Organization.

Learn more about Permissions Granularity Mode.

Drag-and-Drop Option for Languages in the Workflow Builder

When creating/editing a workflow or a workflow template, you can drag and drop a language to create a separate workflow step or add it to the existing one.

Learn more about Workflows.

Check Out the Latest Updates and Request More

Information about recent features added can also be found on the Crowdin Release Notes page. Plus, you can always share your ideas on the updates you might need on the Crowdin Feature Request page.

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