What’s New at Crowdin: April 2023

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Crowdin product updates April 2023

Crowdin has announced some exciting updates in April 2023. Here’s a quick rundown of the new hotkeys, AI Assistant, Facebook Ads, Google Ads apps, and other improvements that have been added to the platform.

AI Assistant Public Beta

An AI chatbot for translators built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API. The first version of this app works as a co-pilot for translators, making suggestions based on ‌source text and previously translated content. Thanks to the prompt engineering feature available in our AI Assistant, translators can now configure prompts before starting a translation project and even edit the context leading to more accurate and meaningful translations. Install the public beta version.

 AI Assistant Public Beta

Localize your product with Crowdin

We recently spoke with one of our customers about their experience using Crowdin. They mentioned that translating ads was one of their biggest challenges. Exporting campaign data from Google Ads resulted in a CSV file that required extensive manual pre-processing to optimize the translation process. Additionally, complying with maximum length restrictions for different types of campaign data was time-consuming.

To make it easier for our customers to translate ads, we’re excited to announce our new integrations with both Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms.

Translate Google Ads and Facebook Ads

These integrations are implemented as custom file formats, so you don’t have to give Crowdin access to your ad accounts – something that’s often impossible due to security restrictions. Export your campaigns, translate them with Crowdin, and we’ll return translated files ready for import without further modifications. During translation, Crowdin enforces maximum length restrictions and provides translators with all necessary contextual information for the best translation quality.

Pre- And Post-processing of Localization Files

We are pleased to present three versatile applications that will help you with the pre- and post-processing of your localization assets during translation.

Crowdin Regex Content Processor Regex Content Processor

The Regex Content Processor allows you to perform regex replacement on file content or file names before Crowdin imports and after it exports translated files. You can run multiple processing rules for multiple conversions.

File Import Tweak File Import Tweak

File Import Tweak app lets you tweak new keys and their properties before they are added to Crowdin. You can run regex against text properties of keys, hide or show texts to translators, set or remove max length constraints, add or remove labels, and more. You can create multiple rules to filter keys and configure actions.

Key Conventions Converter Key Conventions Converter

The Keys Conventions app helps improve translation or multiplatform projects by changing keying conventions on import and restoring them on export. This allows for more “perfect matches” or duplicates in Crowdin, resulting in less human translation, faster turnaround times, and better consistency.

Localize your content with Crowdin

New Localization File Formats

There are a few more domain-specific localization file formats this month:


Many services export data structures as JSON with HTML pages or snippets inside. However, due to the key-value nature of JSON in Crowdin, longer HTML snippets cannot be segmented, making them difficult for translators to translate. In addition, JSON files do not provide a WYSIWYG preview.

JSON HTML app offers an elegant solution to this problem. With this application, it is possible to translate this type of data in Crowdin with ease. The app works as a file pre- and post-processor, allowing translators to work with beautifully segmented text and preview HTML content directly in the editor. This makes the translation process faster and more accurate.

Crowdin Settings Sync App Settings Sync App

Organizations that manage multiple (sometimes hundreds) ongoing translation projects often need a global configuration for their projects. While Crowdin doesn’t offer much in this regard, there’s an application that can help. Settings Sync – a tool that enables you to configure a project just once, and then apply those settings to other projects with just a few clicks.

Settings Sync app will allow you to set up import and export configurations, QA checks and their severity levels, configure parsers, and much more, across multiple projects. With just three clicks, you can easily apply these configurations to all your selected projects.

Crowdin Editor: Hotkeys Usage

Crowdin Editor now includes more new hotkeys that can make the translation process even faster and more efficient. For example, you can now create a new string using a hotkey, rather than having to navigate to the menu. Additionally, you can place your cursor in the source string area, even if it is not editable, and select text with your keyboard. When searching, the selected source text will automatically be inserted into the search field for the TM or glossary.

These new features are especially helpful for professional translators who often work with large volumes of text and need to quickly navigate and edit their translations. With these hotkeys, translators can work entirely without a mouse, further improving their workflow and productivity.

Here you can find the full list of keyboard shortcuts:

Crowdin Editor: Hotkeys Usage

Crowdin Flutter SDK for Instant Translation Delivery

Flutter is a popular open-source framework used for building mobile applications. It allows developers to create high-quality apps for both Android and iOS platforms using a single codebase. With the increasing demand for multilingual apps, the need for effective localization tools has become essential. That’s where Crowdin comes in.

With the Crowdin Flutter SDK, developers can easily manage their app’s translations directly from their code editor. The SDK offers real-time synchronization between the Crowdin platform and the Flutter app, making it easy to keep translations up-to-date as the app evolves.

Crowdin Updates

In April, we released the following:

Product Updates Every Month

We’ll be back next month with more of our newest features, apps, and updates. Want to learn even sooner about Crowdin’s newest updates? Visit our Release Notes page.

Localize your product with Crowdin

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