What’s New at Crowdin: May 2022

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May 2022 Crowdin product updates

More than 20 new apps. Refreshed UI and feature to help you manage strings on a multilingual view in the Editor. One more machine translation engine on the list. All of that and more. Read on to learn about Crowdin’s latest integration with Miro, Airtable, Notion, Typedream, Ditto.

Refreshed Crowdin Design

In May, we completed and released a long-awaited redesign of the Crowdin UI. No worries, all the functionality is in the same place, but looks much better now. Read more about new design changes in our recent article.

Refreshed Crowdin Design

Crowdin Marketplace

Notion Notion

Notion is loved by many users because of its customizable functionality and quality. You can use it as your personal space or business database, create and store guides and tutorials, and other types of content. If you need to make the pages and databases from Notion multilingual, install our new Notion app and start translating your content with ease.

Typedream Typedream

If you created your website with Typedream and want to grow your page views and sign-ups, it’s time to install the new Crowdin Typedream app. It helps extract source text without coding, translate your website into multiple languages, and automate the content sync.

Globalese Custom MT Engine Globalese Custom MT Engine

Machine Translation – is a great assistance for human translators. From now on, along with 10+ machine translation engines available on Crowdin, you can also use the new one – Globalese and speed up your translation process. Read the Globalese+Crowdin announcement.

Sitecore Sitecore

Crowdin new Sitecore app works as an extension. It allows you to translate Sitecore content in Crowdin easier, keeping its format localization-friendly. Install the Sitecore app, and export/import Sitecore content, referring to the official documentation or community guides.

Resx, CSV, and JSON Strings Exporters

Install the app and export your files as Resx, CSV, or JSON regardless of your source file format.

Ditto Ditto

Ditto is a product for writers, developers and designers. It serves as a single place to manage your product copy in all of its stages. Thanks to integrations for everyone from designers to developers, each team member could be on the same page. Install our new Ditto app and make your copy multilingual. Translate Ditto texts with Crowdin. You can enable machine translation, auto-sync of content, and connect Figma to provide more context for translators.

Embedded Apps: Trello, Miro, Figma, Airtable, and more

We want Crowdin to be a perfect place to effectively manage all of your multilingual content and work. Now you can manage translations, create issues, tasks, translation cost reports, and customize the experience for each team in one place. In May, we released 12 embedded apps-connectors with products like Zeplin, Trello, Protopie, Miro, Marvel, and more. With the help of these apps, you can access the important resources, content, or notes in a few clicks without leaving Crowdin or switching between tabs.

After installation, the embedded apps will be placed either into

  • Crowdin editor to give translators more context

Crowdin embedded apps: Editor

  • Or project page to help you better collaborate in Crowdin

Crowdin embedded apps: Project page

Here’s the list of apps you can install right now:

If there is no service or product you need in this list, install Project Menu Iframe Embedded or Editor Iframe Embedded to embed anything from the web right into the editor or project page.

Create and Edit Strings on Multilingual View

Now you can add, edit, and delete strings on Editor using the multilingual view.

Create and Edit Strings on Multilingual View

Localize your product with Crowdin

Crowdin Enterprise: Filter Strings Approved by a Selected User

Filter and see only strings approved by a selected user at the translation step. For this, Go to the Editor > Filter > Advanced Filter > Approved by > type the name of a user > Filter. Learn more about filtering strings on Crowdin Enterprise.

New Versions of API Clients, Documentation and Figma

In May, we released:

Product Updates Every Month

We’ll be back next month with more of our newest features, apps, and updates. Want to learn even sooner about Crowdin’s newest updates? Visit our Release Notes page. If you have any feature requests, submit them on the Crowdin Feature Request page.

Localize your product with Crowdin

Automate content updates, boost team collaboration, and reach new markets faster.
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