We Refreshed Crowdin’s UI

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We Refreshed Crowdin’s UI

Redesigns are difficult yet inevitable. If you’ve been to your Crowdin project or profile recently, you should have noticed some changes. Here’s a quick look at what’s new, why we’re changing it up, and a bit of “behind the scenes” for you.

Reasons Crowdin Redesigned its Product

When it comes to designing Crowdin products, we’ve always wanted a combination of appealing look and functionality. We wanted to make sure Crowdin looked modern and felt easy to use, with the right combination of efficiency and straightforward UX included.

This refresh has included tasks that were several months in the making. A lot of hours have been invested in crafting, designing, questioning, reviewing, and finally launching our new and improved design.

Here are some main reasons why did we decide to redesign Crowdin:

  • Fresher, brighter look
  • Readability we achieved with new shades of text, buttons and background
  • Improved product usability for our customers

Refreshed Crowdin Pages to Explore

As you can see, our website and knowledge base remained unchanged. New product pages we rolled out include:

Profile: Home Page

Profile: Home Page Redesign

Project: Home Page

Project: Home Pagee Redesign

Reports Page: Cost Estimate

Reports Page: Cost Estimate

Reports Page: Project Status

Reports Page: Project Status

Resources Page

Resources Pages

And More Views

Other redesigned Crowdin pages

Thoughts About New Design

Did we succeed? It’s still early – the new design has been live for less than a month – so results are inconclusive. But our team loves the new look, and so do our users:

Thoughts about redesign

It’s been a joy to work on this part of refreshments, the new features and improvements will keep coming. Take a look around and let us know what you think of the new design via chat or email us at support@crowdin.com.

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