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Working on a Specific Task in the Editor Got Easier

3 mins read

Task mode in the Editor

Localization managers tell us every day they’ve been using tasks in Crowdin to arrange the translation process more and more often. There’s a distinct reason for that. With tasks, you can assign files to specific people or split content between translators equally. The more localization teams use tasks in Crowdin, the better the functionality should become. That’s why we decided to improve the way translators work on a specific task in the Editor.

There’s now better navigation between tasks and files. Translators can search for strings and translations as well as replace translations only within a task. For offline translation, there’s the ability to download strings from a specific task. Besides, translators now preview the whole file but access only those strings assigned within a task. All to help translators stay focused and managers get the work done on time with less effort.

Additional Security for Your Crowdin Profile and Projects

4 mins read

additional security for project

Our users spread the agile localization culture globally and it is Crowdin’s primary mission to ensure a safe environment for all the teams cooperating. That’s how data security and clients’ privacy became our high priority questions.

Updates to Crowdin’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

1 min read

We’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to make them more elaborate, comprehensive and to reflect the growth of our service. These updates will come into effect on March 5, 2018, so we encourage you to review them carefully.

Messages Become Conversations: Instantly Share your Thoughts, Ideas, and Questions in Crowdin

2 mins read

We gladly introduce the improved Messages that are now Conversations. Whether you are a project owner, manager, or translator you can easily contact others within Crowdin. Use Conversations to discuss project reports, decide who should create tasks or upload new files, talk to vendors and more.

Introducing a Great Improvement for Translation Memory: Auto-substitution for Non-translatable Elements [Updated]

6 mins read

New feature: auto-substitution for non-translatable elements in TM

This fall, we released a new beta feature — Auto-substitution, which is now successfully out of beta. The main purpose of Auto-substitution is to increase the benefit of using the Translation Memory (TM) by suggesting translations with a higher similarity match. The feature recognizes non-translatable elements (such as tags, HTML entities, placeholders, numbers and more) in translations suggested by TM and if they differ from the ones in the source string feature replaces them.

Use Screenshots to Get Translations Relevant to Your App

8 mins read

Screenshots provide context to the text for translation

Did you know that simply great translations might not always be the same as relevant to your app translations? Accurate translations depend on many factors such as translation context, the translation team you choose, quality of the source strings, and many other things.

Companies usually concentrate on the translation team and often overlook the importance of providing translation context. Which tends to result in poor quality translations or the ones that aren’t relevant to your app.

Save Your Time & Be Productive by Managing Localization with Updated Reports

6 mins read

We’re pretty excited to share the news: project managers, owners, proofreaders, and translators get the updated reports today! They are much easier to use, have a cleaner UI and a few new features. We also reviewed all of your suggestions for improvement of reports and implemented the most requested ones. We believe that you’ll be able to increase your productivity and manage the work on the project better using the updated reports.

Manage the Translation Process Wisely with the Help of Tasks

1 min read

Tasks are the way for you to stay on top of things, get the needed work done in time, make sure both translators and proofreaders know what to do, and the work is split equally, so the progress goes faster.

New Crowdin CLI is Coming!

2 mins read

Crowdin is ready to present a tool we’ve been working on quite a time – brand new CLI client based on Java technology intended to simplify your files syncing.

Crowdin on Your Mobile!

2 mins read

Quickly translate few strings or answer translator’s question on the go - this is where mobile interface is useful most of all. Translation issues and comments, task managements alongside with proofreading are now much easier to handle from your phone.

Fresh Crowdin’s Editor and New Workflows: Already in Action

2 mins read

Today, we’re releasing new workflows and translation editor that is much more modern and much easier to use.

Custom Languages, New Wordcount Algorithm, Improved Reports and More

3 mins read

Custom Languages

It was one of the most frequently requested features. From now on, you as a manager can create custom target languages. The usual use cases:

  • Adding not real languages (like Pirate English, LOLCAT, Klingon, etc.) Quite popular in tech geek communities and gaming world.
  • For rarely used dialects. Yes, Crowdin might not support some of them.
  • Not translation purposes. Sometimes our customers use the extra languages for proofreading of source texts or similar things, now it’s much easier to add those languages.

There is indeed a language that is not yet supported by Crowdin, so now you can add it.

July Update: New Features

3 mins read

Gross domestic product (GDP) of the USA in average grows for 3% per year. This is quite a tempo, and the index is pretty much the same among all developed countries.

What interesting is that this growth is almost entirely about technological progress.

With innovation and automation, people have wider possibilities and more time to produce more goods. And yes, this macroeconomics principle can be applied to any business.

Here at Crowdin we try to automate and optimize every single step during localization to save your time and resources. We keep the principle in mind each time we develop a new feature.

So we’re excited to share some recent improvements within Crowdin.

Crowdin Academic License and Recent Improvements

1 min read

Lately we decided to make the world a better place and created special licenses for educational institutes

There are 2 types of licenses.

  1. Open Academic License is being provided completely free of charge but requires created projects to be open and publicly available
  2. Private Academic License is half price regular Crowdin subscription

Story About Crowdin Machine Translations and Other Outstanding News

2 mins read

Have you ever feel inspired? If yes, you know how the inspiration could be: once you inspired no one can stop you from doing a lot of beautiful things.

And the inspiration given by customers’ positive feedback motivate our team to conquer the tops of localization dreams.

I am excited to present improvements that make Crowdin one of a kind.

Major Improvements in DOCX and XML Files Support

2 mins read

Hi there!

You definitely have been waiting for the new post to appear, I got it from your eyes :)

We have some great news to share.

Our technical department is like a assembly of magician that code their magic all over Crowdin and every minute they make our service the most comfortable localization place for your applications.

Here I’m going to describe some magic tricks that you probably do not notice at once but will obviously notice dealing with .xml or .docx files.