Major Improvements in DOCX and XML Files Support

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Hi there!

You definitely have been waiting for the new post to appear, I got it from your eyes :)

We have some great news to share.

Our technical department is like a assembly of magician that code their magic all over Crowdin and every minute they make our service the most comfortable localization place for your applications.

Here I’m going to describe some magic tricks that you probably do not notice at once but will obviously notice dealing with .xml or .docx files.

Advanced .XML Configuration

The magic feature #1

You know those .xml files with all their structures (usually generated by scary robot by the way) tags and stuff. It drives translators crazy when million of tags and different strange sights are there in a source file to translate.

Crowdin developers team presets the new Advanced Configuration for .xml files!!!

Project Managers can easily include and exclude any part of any .xml file possible. Config the file the way you think will be the most appropriate for your translators to work with. Those suffering-from-inconvenience times has gone. The new era of .xml localization has started.

Significant Improvements of .DOCX

The magic feature #2

You definitely know (in case you don’t, please continue reading :) that Crowdin has noticeable advantage in localization area handling both the software files and documents. The point is that engineers made all the operations with .docx files improve considerably and their stability shines bright, because we always should stay on top of technical support. That is how awesome we are!

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Iryna Bilyk

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