Crowdin Academic License and Recent Improvements

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Lately we decided to make the world a better place and created special licenses for educational institutes

There are 2 types of licenses.

  1. Open Academic License is being provided completely free of charge but requires created projects to be open and publicly available
  2. Private Academic License is half price regular Crowdin subscription

The way to apply is as simple as ABC: just carefully read requirements, drop as a note and get a personal email with an approval or invoice.

We already have some lucky Academic License owners:

University of Washington, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ankara Social Sciences University ASBU and more.

Traditionally we highlight major Crowdin updates here. Few new things are below (not to mention hundreds of minor improvements made recently):

New #1: Files Update Become More Flexible

Having minor changes in the texts of your source file now do not necessarily lead to translations loss.

For example: you have fixed a typo in the source file or changed title in the original language, but those changes do not require re-translation of whole segment. So now, when uploading, Crowdin will highlight those texts and suggest to keep their existing translations.

New #2: More Flexibility on Translation Memories Management

Project managers can create and manage TM’s on behalf their organization account.

More awesome things that we are really excited about are coming. Stay tuned.

Iryna Bilyk

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