What’s New at Crowdin: June 2022

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June 2022 Crowdin product updates

This June was full of updates. Starting from now, you can configure more than 20 webhooks for different types of events related to file and project changes, source strings and translation strings modification, task management, and more. Do more with your translation strings by using the new advanced filter option and the feature that allows you to delete all translations into one or a few languages.

Plus, we’ve got some new apps like HubSpot CMS, Magento and Crowdin Translation Companion plugin for multilingual support. The plugin will help you translate messages from customers and your responses to provide better customer support. We also introduced a Developer Portal, so you can learn about CLI, API, and most importantly – how you can develop and publish apps for Crowdin.

Crowdin Marketplace

HubSpot CMS HubSpot CMS

If you’re successfully using HubSpot for your content managing and marketing, you probably thought about getting it to the next level. Install our new HubSpot CMS Connector to make your landing pages multilingual and reach more potential customers.

JS Proxy Update: Website Translation with Crowdin JS Proxy Update: Website Translation with Crowdin

We updated the JS Proxy app, as well as other website translation apps that are based on this technology. Now you can choose your link structure, and where to place the language code in your website link. The default option is query parameter (example: yourwebsite.com?lng=en).

New options include:

  • Subdomain

yourwebsite.com en.yourwebsite.com uk.yourwebsite.com

Your system administrator needs to configure additional subdomain settings. E.g., if the main site is test-site.com, the subdomain should be en.yourwesite.com and refer to the same content as the main site.

  • Subdirectory

yourwebsite.com yourwebsite.com/en yourwebsite.com/uk

Your system administrator needs to configure additional subdirectory settings. E.g., if the main site is test-site.com, the subdirectory should be yourwebsite.com/en and refer to the same content as the main site.

These new settings will influence your website’s SEO results and make your webpage more SEO-friendly, as the search engines will view and rank the separate subdomains individually. Learn the basics about multilingual SEO, or deep dive into the topic of making your website multilingual with the help of additional articles.

Multilingual website with Crowdin: SEO and link structure

MT Engines Evaluation MT Engines Evaluation

Our new app – MT Engines Evaluation evaluates MT engines by analyzing translations made by different MT engines and a human translator. With the help of the app, you can easier and faster identify a machine translation engine closest to human translation and use it in your MT post-editing strategy, for example.

JSON with Context JSON with Context

The JSON with context app will be helpful in case you use the JSON files in your localization project. This app allows you to see the context for JSON file strings if you added the “crowdinContext” under the related string in the file.

Directus Translation Strings Directus Translation Strings

Install our new app Directus Translation Strings and make your Directus content multilingual to reach new markets. The app allows you to sync and translate Directus translation strings in Crowdin, as well as sync them back to Directus.

Magento Magento

New app: Magento. With this app, you can not only translate Magento (Adobe Commerce) product descriptions, category properties, attributes, email templates, pages, and more but also:

  • Enable Manual content synchronization before and after translation
  • Set up auto-sync of source content and translations.
  • Provide context and WYSIWYG file preview for translators
  • Quick sync and translation of even minor content updates

The app cost $90 monthly but has a free trial period (14 days for Crowdin users and 30 days for Crowdin Enterprise users).

HubSpot, Zendesk, and Slack Apps Updates

Besides developing more integrations and apps for Crowdin Store each month, we’re also constantly improving the existing ones for you.

  • Hubspot app update: now you have the ability to configure campaign id in HubSpot integration (to output files only for this campaign).

  • Slack for Managers app update: The app now supports more webhooks.

  • Zendesk Guide app update: The app will import the Zendesk content based on the source language of the Crowdin project.

New Apps for Crowdin Enterprise

Syntax Highlighting Apps for Translators

Install one of the add-ons to enable syntax highlighting and placeholders validation and prevent the translators from working with untranslatable code parts.

Syntax Highlighting apps available right now:

Crowdin Developer Portal

In June, we added a new resource – Developer Portal. Here you can find information about CLI, API, dev tools, and most importantly – how you can develop and publish apps for Crowdin. Need more details? Leave your questions on our contact us page or Crowdin community forum.

New Webhooks for Issues and Files Updates

Crowdin webhooks help you collect information about the key events that happen in your Crowdin project. Project owners and managers can register a webhook to send notifications to the system they use, third-party services with the specific request requirements (for example, HTTP method, content type) and create custom integrations with Crowdin. More information about creating apps for Crowdin is available on the Developer Portal.

Filter and View Strings without Labels

Crowdin Editor allows you to easier and faster find the needed strings by filtering them. You can select the preferred filter option like:

  • Show All – Show all strings from the opened file/folder in the original order.
  • Untranslated – Show only strings without any translations.
  • Need to Be Voted – Show already translated strings.
  • Not Approved – Show strings that are already translated but not yet approved by a proofreader.
  • QA issues – Show strings with no QA issues or with unresolved QA issues in the current language.
  • And more. View more information about filtering strings in our documentation about Crowdin Editor.

The advanced filter option allows you to configure your own filtering and sorting parameters. For example, the new one allows you to filter strings that don’t contain any labels. For this, fill in the Exclude labels field with the name of labels and click Filter.

Crowdin Editor: Filter and View Strings without Labels

Delete All Translations Into the Language From Editor

To make content management easier, we added the ability to remove translations into one or several languages at a time. You now make it ​​from the multilingual and side-by-side editor view. For this, go to the Editor, choose strings > click the three dots in the upper part of the screen > select Remove Translations.

Crowdin: Delete All Translations Into the Language From Editor

New React Intl File Format, Versions of SDK, and More

In June, we released:

  • React Intl: new natively supported file format.
  • The ability to upload alternate XLIFF files (mqxliff, mxliff, sdlxliff)
  • JS API Client 1.18.2
  • iOS SDK 1.4.2
  • Android SDK 1.5.2
  • Android Studio plugin 1.5.1
  • Xamarin Forms SDK
  • Figma Plugin version 38

View the Latest Updates and Request More

That’s it for June. Be sure to check out the Crowdin Release Notes page and share your ideas on the updates you might need on the Crowdin Feature Request page. Also, subscribe to our blog newsletter to receive all the important localization tips and product updates directly to your mailbox.

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