What’s New at Crowdin: February 2022

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February 2022 Crowdin product updates

Let’s review the last month of the winter for the updates and new features in Crowdin. This February, we updated the location of additional tabs in the editor, released new versions of our design plugins, added 13 new apps, including Oracle, DatoCMS, eSputnik, and ownCloud. Now you can generate a translation cost report for the selected files and create glossary terms by highlighting the source on the editor.

Keep reading to find out more about big and small things that will improve your localization experience.

File-Based Translation Cost Reports

Create reports to calculate real translation costs to pay translators and proofreaders. You can customize and select regular and individual rates, dates, project members, and languages to create a report that will show you everything you need.

In February, we added an option to generate translation cost reports for selected files. For this, go to project page > Reports > Translation Cost > Files > Selected files. Read more about project reports.

Editor: A Place Where Translators and Proofreaders Can Collaborate

We Moved Additional Tabs to The Right Panel

From now, Translation Memories, glossaries, comments, and apps are displayed vertically on the right side of the Editor. Click on the app icon on the right to switch between tabs and apps.

Crowdin editor tabs

Add Labels From the Editor

Using labels in your project, you can organize strings by page, product or add context to them. In order to speed things up, there is now the ability to add labels from side-by-side and multilingual editor views.

For this, go to the editor > choose the side-by-side or multilingual editor view > choose strings > click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner > Labels.

Read more about Labels in your localization projects.

Create Glossary Terms From Editor While Translating

Having the terminology ensures project quality. With Glossary on Crowdin, you can create, store, and manage all the terminology in one place. Each term is displayed as an underlined word in the Editor that helps translators understand the translation, part of speech, and definition.

In February, we improved the ways you can work with terms. Now you create/search/copy glossary terms by highlighting source text when working on side-by-side and multilingual views.

To enable this feature for translators and proofreaders, go to the project settings > Translations > Allow project members to manage glossary terms.

Crowdin Store: New Apps and Improvements

JS Proxy JS Proxy

Updated JS Proxy app is the easiest and fastest way to make your website multilingual. With its help, you can scan your webpage and extract content to a separate localization project in just a few steps. From now on, you can enable the In-Context feature with a few clicks.

For this, install the JS Proxy app > enter the website URL > Import now > and once the import is completed, click In-Context preview. You will see an overlay of the page and will be able to translate in real-time and preview translations.

You can read more about the website translation with the JS proxy app and In-Context feature on our blog and documentation.

Video Preview Video Preview

The Video Preview app is created to help with the translation of video subtitles in Crowdin. With this app, you can specify the video URL for every subtitle file, so translators can view this video during translation to have more context.

The updated version of the Video Preview app allows you to:

  • show or hide subtitles
  • display the source or target subtitles
  • display both the source and target subtitles simultaneously

Typing Motivator Typing Motivator

New Crowdin app – Typing Motivator allows you to play your SoundCloud music while you are translating. If you stop typing or choosing TM suggestions, the music will slowly fade out. You can also use it as a regular SoundCloud music player inside the Editor to enjoy your music while working.


Sync and localize content from your digital products created in DatoCMS. The DatoCMS app is free, all you need to sync content between DatoCMS and Crowdin is to install the app from Crowdin Store and configure content synchronization.

eSpuntik eSpuntik

Increase your brand awareness, subscriptions, and grow sales by localizing your email campaigns. If you are using eSputnik in your marketing strategy, install Crowdin eSputnik app. With its help, you can connect two platforms and translate your eSputnik emails with Crowdin to make your campaigns multilingual.

Using other marketing tools? Make sure to check if they are available on Crowdin Store or request an integration via the feature request page.

Localize the Data from Your Cloud Storage with Crowdin

Synchronize files for translation directly from the tool you use to the project in Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise, and synchronize translations back in a few clicks.

Crowdin apps to connect with your cloud storage:

To view more connectors with marketing tools, CMSs, design plugins, visit Crowdin Store.

File Formats: New Ones, Import and Support Improvements

With Crowdin, you can localize a great number of files formats. Each month, thanks for your requests, we continue adding new formats and improving your work with the already supported ones.

In February, we released:

  • New format: FreeMarker Template Language (FTL). View all supported file formats.

  • Improved support of PDF files. Our engine imports and converts the PDF file into the DOCX to make it easier to work with.

  • Support of alternative plurals formatting for gottext json format.

  • TS and JS format now supports Tagged Template Expressions.

  • Improved support for tags and special characters in RESX files.

New Versions of External Tools

In February, we released new versions of:

  • VS Code plugin 1.3.0
  • OTA JS Client 0.7.0, 0.6.0 (Many thanks to the community for taking initiative and contributions to this library)
  • JS API Client 1.14.0
  • Ruby API Client 1.2.0
  • Sketch plugin 2.6.1

More Crowdin Improvements

Make sure to check out the Crowdin Release Notes page to find the latest releases. If you have any feature requests, feel free to share them with us on the Crowdin Feature Request page.

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