What’s New at Crowdin: December 2022

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Crowdin product updates December 2022

In December, Crowdin released several updates that offer you a range of new tools and features, including new apps (OpenAI, XL8, Systran, Tencent Cloud’s Machine Translation, and Alibaba Translate MT Connectors, Wistia, and SproutVideo). Other new features include a custom file format, improvements to user management and permissions, and new versions of the GitHub Action and iOS SDK.

Let’s learn more about the updates that can help you improve your translation processes and work more efficiently.

Import/Export Configuration For Native File Formats

File importers and exporters can now be configured at the project level, allowing you to customize how Crowdin handles your files. Additionally, segmentation rules can now be defined for each file format per project, rather than just on a per-file basis. This is especially helpful for large projects where it can be difficult to maintain individual file settings.

With this new feature, you can easily solve common problems such as using your own segmentation rules for an entire project, specifying whether hidden slides in a presentation are translatable, or removing tags that may have been added to a docx file through optical character recognition or invisible formatting. To start, go to your project settings > Parsers configuration > Add Files.

The ability to configure file import and export settings has been a highly requested feature, and we are excited to now offer it in Crowdin.

Import/Export Configuration For Native File Formats

Localize your product with Crowdin

Command Palette: Easily Navigate through Editor, Apps, and Actions

The Crowdin Editor now has a beta version of the Command Palette available to all users. This feature allows users to easily navigate through editor features, apps, and actions using the keyboard. The Command Palette also includes actions for quickly finding and jumping between files and languages, as well as searching through the termbase and translation memory.

To open the Command Palette, use one of the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows and Linux: Ctrl + K
  • Mac: Command + K

Crowdin Command Palette

Crowdin Marketplace

As we near 500 entries in our store, we decided to give it a makeover. The updated store is cleaner and the typography is improved, particularly for our longer guides.

Crowdin Store New

New Machine Translation Engines

The Systran Translation Connector, Alibaba Translate, Tencent Cloud’s Machine Translation, and XL8 are machine translation connectors that were added to the list of available machine translations quite recently, Systran and XL8 use algorithms to produce accurate translations and can now be integrated into the Crowdin platform to facilitate the translation process.

All of this MT can be helpful for quickly translating large volumes of text into unfamiliar languages and as a main MT for your MTPE strategy.

New OpenAI Translate is another app available in the Crowdin Marketplace that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to translate text from one language to another. This connector can only be used as an assistant for translators in the Crowdin Editor.

Translation of Video Subtitles and More

There are several apps available in the Crowdin Marketplace that can be used to translate your subtitles, titles, description or other information. Take a look at what apps for video content translation we released in December:

Crowdin now supports the translation of the most popular subtitle formats. Our new series of apps allows you to easily synchronize subtitles from the service where the video is hosted to Crowdin. If you have to translate subtitles for many videos in many languages, your life has greatly improved. All connectors are free.

Ouch Face Ouch Face

New app: Ouch face. One of our fun apps. It’ll appeal to people who have ever played the computer game DOOM. The app replaces the number of errors found by the spellcheck with the Doom Face. The more errors spellcheck finds, the harder it gets.

Localize your product with Crowdin

FynCom Rewards FynCom Rewards

FynCom and Nano have created a unique system that rewards translators with cryptocurrency for their work. We are excited to have this integration and appreciate that it is available to all users. If you use a crowdsourcing strategy to translate your projects, you should definitely check into FynCom’s offer.

Read a FynCom Rewards guide on how to use a FynCom product at Crowdin and make automated micropayments to your translators on a per-word basis.

Pipedream Pipedream

Pipedream is our third app with integration platforms after Zapier and Make. The great thing about connectors like this is that clients can quickly connect Crowdin to their workflow with little or no code.

We are happy to add the Pipedream connector to our marketplace to help you to build highly flexible integrations. We can’t wait to see what integration you’ll build. Please let us know if you create an interesting and helpful integration with Crowdin, as we would be happy to promote it to other users through our marketplace.

Zoho Desk Articles Zoho Desk Articles

New Zoho Desk Article app is an integration between Crowdin and Zoho Desk that allows you to easily translate your knowledge base articles by using Crowdin and its features like MT and TM pre-translation, and more.

New Permissions and Improved User Management

We’ve made some changes to the access control system within Crowdin that are not visible to you, but will allow us to do some interesting things that many of you have asked about. For example, new roles like Developer and Language Coordinator that will be introduced soon.

The Editor Remembers Multilingual Mode Language Selections

This is one of the first changes in our planned series of improvements to the Multilingual View in the editor. The editor now remembers the last language configuration and restores it each time you open the editor.

Quick Setup of Localization in under 2 Minutes

For those of you who have all of your content in one of the apps Crowdin integrates with, we’ve created a wizard. With its help, you can set up a localization workflow (login to the app, create project and order professional translations) in a few clicks. For this, just go to the Crowdin Store > Choose the app > Click Install.

Quick Setup of Localization in under 2 Minutes

Localize your product with Crowdin

90% Faster Content Update Rollout – How the HubSpot Integration Became a Game Changer for Localization at Chainels

If you’re a business looking to expand into foreign markets, localization is essential. But it can be a challenge for developers, designers, and content marketers. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Chainels, a B2B SaaS company based in the Netherlands, used the Crowdin and HubSpot integration to streamline their localization efforts and improve their workflow. We’ll also be discussing the different features and tools that Chainels utilized within Crowdin, including machine translation, translation memory, and the Crowdin plugin for Figma.

Don’t Forget to Read Crowdin Year in Review 2022

It’s been quite a year, and we’re so grateful to have made it through together. To celebrate, we’ve compiled all the best moments from the past year into one convenient article (Year in review: 2022). Our year in review covers everything from company updates to some analytics in numbers, and we can’t wait for you to check it out. Don’t miss out on this chance to relive all the best moments of the past year.

Other Updates Available at Crowdin

In December, we also released the following:

  • The ability to choose source file when using Auto tag and Text recognition screenshots features.
  • Now you can assign Globalese MT to groups of projects.
  • New GitHub Action and Webhooks guide that provide instructions on how to set up and use GitHub Actions and Webhooks with Crowdin.
  • The ability to open a task in a new tab using command click. Mouse left click + Open in Editor + CTRL/Command.
  • Crowdin GitHub Action 1.5.2
  • iOS SDK 1.5.1

Final Words

In addition to the major updates mentioned above, we have also addressed a number of minor bugs and provided support to our users through answering a large number of requests. We value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on these changes. You can share your feedback with us through the Crowdin Community or by submitting a feature request on our website.

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