What’s New at Crowdin: July 2023

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Crowdin localization platform product updates July 2023

In this update, we’ll unveil the highly anticipated TM Penalties feature, allowing localization managers to exercise greater control over Translation Memory matches. Additionally, the Crowdin Marketplace welcomes powerful applications like Mass User Manager for Crowdin Enterprise, simplifying project management for teams handling multiple projects.

Moreover, new GNU Gettext Helper Apps facilitate smoother interactions with resource files, and the File Type Modifier app ensures accurate handling of proprietary file formats. Join us in exploring these exciting updates.

TM Penalties

One of the most requested features by professional localization managers is now available in Crowdin TM. With TM Penalties, managers can set penalties for TM translations that meet certain criteria. For example, if a translation from the TM hasn’t been used for a long time, even if it is a 100% match, a manager may doubt its relevance and reduce the TM match so that it is never automatically published and requires human review.

TM Penalties Crowdin

Updated Crowdin Logo Unveiled

You might have already noticed it – our brand new Crowdin logo is here.We’ve given our logo a makeover, and we’re hoping you’re loving the fresh, modern look. Now, you can see it in a few places, but it will gradually appear in the rest of our resources soon.

Updated Crowdin Logo Unveiled

Side-by-Side Editor View

We’ve started rolling out a refreshed design for the Side-by-Side view. The layout is now more compact and fits a lot more text on the screen. The new design incorporates a lot of feedback from professional translators who use Crowdin Editor extensively. After the first iteration, we’ve learned that many existing Crowdin users prefer to see QA checks and contextual information for all segments. We will be reinstating this option in the next few days.

Side-by-Side Editor View

New Crowdin Features and Updates

  • Bundles can now contain a source language. This was a very popular request.

  • When configuring over-the-air delivery, you can now use bundle configurations instead of selecting which content to deliver to the CDN. This would also allow multiple configurations (multiple files) to be delivered to a single CDN directory.

  • Several applications, including Zendesk and Contentful connectors, now allow you to upload existing transactions that exist in those systems. More applications will have this capability soon.

  • The Project Settings section now allows you to manage project labels.

  • Crowdin now integrates with JiHuLab, a spin-off of GitLab for the Asian market.

  • New integration with Trados! We know that many translation agencies have their processes built around the RWS Trados ecosystem and have translators who use Trados as their primary translation tool. This new integration would allow Crowdin project managers to sync not only content for translation with Trados, but all the contextual information for translators to be efficient and produce high quality translations.

  • AI Assistant now works better with Glossary. Now the Assistant can use your terms in the translations it provides. Plus, soon you’ll be able to top up your balance, and connect your account.

  • Notifications API. As the number of apps in the Crowdin Store grew and apps became more sophisticated, there was a need to allow apps to notify users about what was happening in their projects. The new API endpoints would allow apps to communicate more about what was happening, providing users with a better understanding of their projects.

  • Previously, when you uploaded a spreadsheet file for translation (or any other spreadsheet like glossary or TM), you had to manually configure each column so that Crowdin knew how your data was structured. This could be a time-consuming and error-prone process. With the latest update, Crowdin will now automatically try to pre-configure your spreadsheet for you. This means that you will only need to check the pre-configuration and make any necessary changes.

  • You can now perform a mass deletion of project members from your project.

  • Panels pinned in the Translation Editor are now retained when switching editor views.

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Crowdin Marketplace

Mass User Manager for Crowdin Enterprise Mass User Manager for Crowdin Enterprise

Mass User Manager is a new application that helps Crowdin customers who manage dozens or even hundreds of projects. Because Crowdin projects are continuous, it’s often necessary to make changes to settings or permissions for multiple members across multiple projects. One of the most common tasks is inviting new linguists, removing linguists, or changing their permissions.

Mass User Manager makes these tasks easier by allowing you to select a user or enter their email address and invite them to any number of selected or all projects.

Mass User Manager for Crowdin Enterprise

GNU Gettext Helper Apps

GNU Gettext is one of the oldest tools in the translation industry, but it’s still widely used. PO resource files have a “compiled” version with a .mo file extension. Crowdin has two new applications to help you work with these files: Compile Gettext .po files to .mo and Gettext .mo Translation.

Gettext .mo Translation allows you to upload .mo files if you only have the compiled version of your resource file and need to translate it into other languages. Compile Gettext .po files to .mo is useful if you have source .po or .pot files and need to create .mo files to use with your application.

Both applications can be used separately or installed together in one project.

Localize your product with Crowdin

File Type Modifier Crowdin app File Type Modifier

File Type Modifier is a small application. What we have seen sometimes is a client with their proprietary file formats. Crowdin tries to guess what is the best way to process those files and where you have guesses, you have mistakes. While Crowdin allows you to specify which importer to use when uploading via API or CLI, there’s no such option in the UI. With this app, you can set the importer of your choice for your file extension.

File Type Modifier Crowdin app

More context when translating spreadsheets in Crowdin More context when translating spreadsheets

The Multiple spreadsheet column as context application helps you to add multiple columns from spreadsheets as context to Crowdin translations. It supports both XLSX and CSV files. Not the most elegant way, but it does the job very well.

Payload CMS translation Payload CMS

An awesome Payload CMS plugin created by Steven Thompson that allows you to translate Payload with Crowdin. Available as open source on GitHub.

Case Study: Game Localization with Wildlife Studios

In this article, we delve into Wildlife Studios’ remarkable game localization journey and explore how Crowdin’s localization platform played a pivotal role in their global triumph.

Key results they achieved:

  • 27 localization projects.
  • Rapid translation and release of localized game content into 12+ languages, speeding up time-to-market.
  • Optimized costs by leveraging translation memory and reusing previously translated content.
  • Received positive player feedback, reflecting high customer satisfaction with localized experiences.
  • Increased the overall player-base of Romanian region by 25%.
  • The number of issues being solved directly through translated self-service means (FAQs, Bots, etc) increased by 30%.

Case Study: Creating a Crowdin App to Integrate LexiQA

Explore the practical benefits of seamless integration in this enlightening interview. See how LexiQA created app for Crowdin.

More Crowdin Updates

In July, we were excited to roll out the following:

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