What’s New at Crowdin: January 2023

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Crowdin product updates January 2023

It’s a new year, and Crowdin has started off strong with several apps and platform updates. It includes 4 apps to help you generate resource files of needed type, and 5 apps to improve managers’ productivity and project quality control. And of course, perhaps the most anticipated new role – Language Coordinator. In this article, we’ll take a look at what else new in January 2023.

Language Coordinator Role

Exciting announcement – our platform has just introduced a new role called the Language Coordinator to assist you in managing your translation process in an efficient manner by selecting managers responsible for specific languages. Take advantage of this opportunity and elevate your localization strategy to the next level. Language coordinator includes the role of a proofreader and access to the tab of members, reports and activities in the selected language. Don’t miss the chance to be an early adopter and test it out.

Marketplace: Crowdin Enterprise Apps

SCIM User Provisioning SCIM User Provisioning

This feature has been requested by many of our enterprise customers. The Crowdin SCIM app makes it easier to provision and deprovision users through Okta, Azure AD, Google Workspace, and other user directories in Crowdin Enterprise. Thus, adding and deleting users from your Crowdin Enterprise organization is simplified. This helps save you time, lower the risk of giving access to the wrong users, and ensure enterprise security.

Crowdin Transcreation App Transcreation App

The Crowdin Transcreation app helps you deliver translations that sound natural to your audience. It provides your translation team with an Editor field to make multiple translation options for each segment and include back translations for each of them. Afterward or during the translation process, you can review all the back translations for each segment and choose your preferred ones.

Client Portal Client Portal

Client Portal – app to easily submit translation requests. The team members that are not a part of localization department, won’t have to use Crowdin (upload files, create tasks, and more) to request translations for the content they need translated.

With the help of Client Portal, manager can select the translation workflows available (In-house team translations, MT+In-house team, and more) and create a link where teams can submit their translation request. A manager will be notified about every new request from teams. A requester can also choose to be notified when a project is completed.

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Crowdin Marketplace

App Store Connect App Store Connect

Install the Crowdin App Store Connect app, to speed up the process of your app’s data localization (texts from the App Store page, including a title, descriptions and release notes). Once the integration is set, all the texts from the store page are collected and added to your localization project in Crowdin. You only need a few clicks when translations are done, and all the texts will be available on your app’s page in the store.

Proofreading Diff Proofreading Diff

Another productivity application for translators and managers is Proofreading Diff, which is basically a post-editing report. There are a variety of cases where the application can be useful. You can provide feedback to translators after their translations have been reviewed. Managers can track changes made after machine translation to identify opportunities for MT improvements and other purposes where you need a snapshot and comparison of the different states of your translations.

Translation Quality Report Translation Quality Report

Another new app is the Translation Quality Report. This app offers a detailed view of automated quality assurance (QA) issues within a project, helping managers to ensure that all translations are accurate and consistent. After installation, the app can be found in the Reports section of your project. To manage spellcheck issues on a larger scale, consider using the Spellcheck Manager app. More about how to ensure high quality translations with the help of QA checks.

Translated File Max. Length Translated File Max. Length

Translated File Max. Length application would allow the manager to set the maximum length of a translated file. Especially useful for the translation of Google Play or Apple Store app descriptions, SEO meta information and other type of content with strict characters

Localize your product with Crowdin

Translated File Max. Length App

CroQL Tester CroQL Tester

With CroQL, you can easily filter source strings and their translations for a particular target language, making it easier to find and use the resources you need. New CroQL Tester allows you easily build, test, and troubleshoot CroQL queries within the Crowdin web interface. Learn about Crowdin’s CroQL API.

Bilingual Docx Export Bilingual Docx Export

One of the new applications released this month is Bilingual Docx Export. This app helps translators export files they have translated into a Word document that contains both the source text and the translations, making it easy for your team members to compare the original text with the translations, spell check in their favorite tools, and similar tasks.

Sender.net Integration Sender.net Integration

Sender is versatile for all business sizes, and offers custom e-commerce integrations for effortless product inclusion in newsletters. Translating your email campaigns in Sender is now a breeze thanks to new Sender Integration in the marketing category. Key features include campaign translation, manual content synchronization, and quick localization updates.

Video Captions Translator for YouTube and Vimeo

There’s an addition to the category of video caption translation apps. It includes apps for Video Captions Translator for YouTube and Vimeo that would allow you to sync your captions for translation and upload translated captions back within a few clicks.

Another small app related to video translation is a file format support for SSA/ASS subtitles.

Inconsistency Check Inconsistency Check

Inconsistency Check is a new app that offers two reports to serve as an additional quality assurance check.

These reports are:

  • Inconsistency in Target – Identifies segments where the same source text has been translated differently.

  • Inconsistency in Source – Identifies segments where different source text have been translated the same.

String Exporters

Our new String Exporters apps help you generate resource files of chosen file format for your application from your Crowdin project.

This localization approach is often used when translating application built for several platforms. For example, you can have an app for Android, iOS and Web platforms. Most of your strings are shared, but platforms can also have their own strings.

New exporter apps released in January include:

Another new app in this category is the Custom Bundle Builder, this app can be used by developers to quickly create their own custom exporters. Simply create a JavaScript function that generates the required resource file from the array of Crowdin strings and deploy it to any lambda function hosting, such as Vercel. Then provide the application with the URL to your lambda function. Custom Bundle Builder is great if our existing exporters don’t produce the resource in the format you want.

Crowdin Enterprise Public Pages Update

Crowdin Enterprise public project pages have recently undergone a design update. The update includes changes to the layout and overall aesthetic of the pages. These updates are aimed at improving the user experience and making the pages more visually appealing.

Crowdin Enterprise Public Pages Update

Localize your product with Crowdin

More Crowdin Updates

In January, we released the following:

  • Ability to open Editor in a few clicks. For this, go to the project home page > Go to Editor.
  • CLI 3.9.2, 3.9.3, 3.10.0
  • JS API Client 1.21.1
  • .NET API Client 2.11.0
  • Crowdin GitHub Action 1.6.0
  • Sketch plugin 2.7.0
  • Figma plugin Version 45
  • Python API Client 1.8.0
  • JS API Client 1.21.0
  • New AP.editor.setFocus method

More Crowdin Improvements

Check out the Crowdin Release Notes page to find the latest releases. If you have any feature requests, feel free to share them with us on the Crowdin Feature Request page.

Localize your product with Crowdin

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