What’s New at Crowdin: September 2023

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Crowdin localization platform product updates September 2023

In September, we launched the GraphQL API for crowdin.com (previously only available for Enterprise), added a fine-tuning feature for the AI Assistant, made rate management in Report Management much easier, improved MT performance for non-key-value file formats, and much more. Read the full article for all the details.

AI Assistant: Fine-tuning

The latest version of Crowdin AI Assistant now has the fine-tuning feature. We taught AI to work better with TMs and Glossaries of any size before asking the LLM to translate the content. This way, you can get more texts translated as well as better translation quality. It can also work well with tags now.

Moreover, you can now train your model based on your content and use it in translation.

Install the app to test the perfect duo for seamless localization.

AI Assistant: Fine-tuning

Crowdin Website Redesign Unveiled

Our updated website makes it easier for you to see what our product can do. We’ve organized everything so you can quickly find information about our features and how they can help you. Take a moment to explore the new website and share your thoughts with us.

Use GraphQL at Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise

A GraphQL API enables you to fetch the needed data using more specific and flexible queries. One of the main advantages of a GraphQL API is the ability to access multiple different resources with a single request.

To get started with the Crowdin GraphQL API, we recommend using the GraphQL Playground app. With it, you can construct, test, and debug queries directly from the Crowdin web UI before writing any code in your application.

Additionally, this month, we added GraphQL to Crowdin (it was available for Crowdin Enterprise only), and we have introduced approvals within the context, both for strings and translations. Furthermore, we’ve added filtering and sorting capabilities for connections.

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Enhancing Transparency: Crowdin Rates Updates

In response to feedback from translators, we’re excited to introduce some important updates:

Rating Transparency

Previously, translators often had limited insight into how their translations were rated and penalized. This led to frustration and confusion. Now, project members can easily share these rating schemas, promoting transparency and understanding among participants. This allows everyone to grasp how the project’s rating system works.

For this, choose Share with all project members when creating a template.

API Support

We’ve extended support for the rates template through our API.

Global Rates and Schemas

A major addition is the concept of “global schemas.” These schemas can be shared across projects and are available for organizational reports.

Сonfigure Machine Translation (MT) by Projects and by Languages

We’ve upgraded our platform to give users the ability to enable or disable specific Machine Translation models for individual languages within their projects. This customization enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the translation process.

Сonfigure Machine Translation (MT) by Projects and by Languages

Source-Only View Option in Multilingual Editor

A new feature in the multilingual editor view allows users to remove all target languages and view only the source strings without translations. This feature is available to project managers, owners, and developers, making quick reviews or source editing conveniently. It is just the beginning of future improvements to the editor that you can use to manage source files and translations.

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Context-Driven Translations: Introducing TM Match Context Type

TM Upвates gives you more precise context control for improved translations.

In translation projects, there are two ways to determine how accurate a translation can be:

  1. Using a Key: If there’s a special key in the text, the translation is considered perfect when it matches that key.

  2. In Non-Key Formats: If there’s no special key in the text, the accuracy of the translation is determined by considering the context around the text. This means a translation is perfect if it fits into the context of the previous and next text segments.

Starting this month, you can choose how the system takes context into account for perfect translation suggestions. You have different options for controlling the context to improve translations, such as Automatic, Using a Key and Context, or Previous and Next Segment.

Crowdin Editor

In Crowdin Editor, we’ve introduced some updates:

  1. Allowing empty translations: You can now save empty translations. This would be useful for subtitles translation, for example. Some languages do not have words that would work with translation, mostly in sound effects.

  2. Changed the color of translated strings highlighted in Comfortable View: We’ve adjusted the color of highlighted translated strings in comfortable view. Translated strings are marked in blue, and approved translations are in green.

  3. Filter by issue type in the Editor: You can now filter issues based on their type. For example, filter all strings with General issues.

Apple’s String Catalogs Support

Crowdin is excited to announce that we have added support for Apple’s String Catalogs (.xcstrings) format to our platform. This new addition ensures that Crowdin remains in sync with the latest industry standards and technologies.

Apple’s String Catalogs are integral to iOS and macOS app localization. With Crowdin’s support for this format, you can seamlessly manage your translations for these platforms, providing a smoother and more efficient localization process.

Crowdin Store

Security Center: Available for Crowdin Enterprise

The new Security Center offers a valuable tool to help you with security measures within Crowdin. Let’s delve into some of the core features:

  • 2FA Configuration: Two-factor authentication (2FA) serves as your primary defense. Ensure it’s activated for your account to bolster your security.

  • Email Domain Verification: Strengthen your security further by ensuring that all users within your Crowdin organization possess email addresses ending with @crowdin.ua.com, for example.

  • Inactive User Tracking: Knowledge is power. Stay well-informed about users who haven’t logged in within the last 90 days, facilitating more efficient user management.

Learn more about the Security Center at our Crowdin Store.

Lingui String Exporter Lingui String Exporter

Lingui String Exporter simplifies internationalization and localization with the Lingui JavaScript library. It handles message extraction, compilation, and integrates seamlessly into your application, making the translation process efficient and hassle-free. For more information, visit the Crowdin Store.

Custom Bundle Generator Custom Bundle Generator

Create custom resource files from Crowdin’s translated strings using JavaScript with the Custom Bundle Generator. This application allows you to safely build a personalized bundle generator with JavaScript in a sandboxed environment, ensuring secure coding.

Custom Crowdin Processors

These applications provide custom JavaScript code capabilities for some of the Crowdin processes:

Localize your product with Crowdin

Storyblock, Unicode Table Apps Updates

It’s important for us to keep our app as functional as it can be. So, we are constantly upgrading them per your requests. For example, this month:

Crowdin Storyblock app started to support text blocks in Rich text and Plugin type.

Unicode Table app become more convenient. For example, now you can add symbols to favorites.

CLI Updates

This month CLI received new commands like distribution and screenshot. Read more about Crowdin CLI at the official documentation site.

Minor Updates for an Improved Experience

In our continuous efforts to enhance your experience, we’ve implemented some common yet valuable improvements:

Label Management in Pre-Translation

When applying pre-translation, you can filter by labels, making the process more efficient.

We’ve removed the “Case Sensitive” option from task search, simplifying the process.

CroQL: Ability to Filter Duplicates

If you want to get all hidden strings but not the ones that are hidden and duplicates or have another use case where you need to filter duplicates, we have great news – now you can make a CroQL query to filter duplicates.

New Versions of External Tools

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