What’s New at Crowdin: March 2023

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Crowdin product updates March 2023

Greetings and welcome to the latest edition of What’s New at Crowdin for March 2023. We have some exciting updates and new features to share with you that will further enhance your localization experience. This month, we announced Crowdin’s AI chatbot, added 7 new apps to our marketplace, including Google Sheets, BeLazy, Placeholder Manager and more. We’ve also made some enhancements to the Crowdin Developer Portal, as well as added support for a new NestJS format. Read on to discover more about the latest developments at Crowdin.

Crowdin’s AI Co-pilot for Translators

Crowdin recently announced an AI chatbot for translators built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API. The first version of this app works as a co-pilot for translators.

Co-pilot for translators in Crowdin works in the context of the current task and string and is able to make intelligent suggestions or answer questions.

This AI assistant can:

  • provide translations or feedback on user translations
  • “fix” translation memory suggestions as needed
  • get term definitions, translation variants, synonyms, and so on
  • follow ‌any other text/voice instructions
  • and much more

Crowdin’s AI Co-pilot for Translators

For users who prefer a more hands-free approach, it can also be voice-activated, allowing you to talk to the chat and get instant help with your translation tasks.

Our first beta users have been ‌granted early access to Crowdin’s AI Co-pilot. Keep an eye out for the public release coming soon.

Crowdin Marketplace

BeLazy and Crowdin BeLazy

BeLazy recently released an integration that links Crowdin to a translation company’s business and translation management systems. It allows vendors to easily list, reassign and close tasks on the Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise instances of their clients while the calculation of the price can be done in your business tool.

BeLazy integration is mainly used by the language service vendor and eliminates a large amount of the overhead that comes from managing small updates.

BeLazy Webinar

Join the upcoming webinar on April 12th to learn how the partnership between Crowdin and BeLazy can benefit language service providers. Crowdin is a translation management platform that offers over 500 connectors, while BeLazy is a project management solution that automates translation workflows.

The session will explore how the integration of these two solutions can help streamline translation workflows between teams that want agile localization and vendors that use several TMS tools. Registerto .

Join the session and learn more about the integration

Google Sheets localization Google Sheets

If you’re using Google Sheets to manage your product copy and have a multilingual Google Sheet file with one column for the source language and multiple columns for target languages, you can easily integrate it with Crowdin using our new Google Sheets app.

After installing the app, you can configure it and map your columns to the relevant fields in Crowdin. You can map the following fields:

  • Key
  • Source Text
  • Target Languages (all project languages)
  • Labels
  • Context
  • Translation Max. Length

Here is quick video guide on how to localize your Google Sheets with Crowdin

Localize your product with Crowdin

Time in Status Crowdin app Time in Status

The Time in Status report app allows you to track vendor deadline compliance by monitoring tasks created in selected projects. Quickly view task completion times, discover delays and overdue hours, and only see closed or overdue jobs using the filtering feature. The simple analysis tool in the report allows you to sort results and export data to Excel for further analysis.

Time in Status Crowdin app

MTrans Crowdin integration MTrans

MTrans is a post-editing tool that helps users improve machine translation results by leveraging the power of human editors. It uses a combination of advanced machine learning algorithms and human expertise to deliver high-quality translations in less time.

Our new Crowdin MTrans app allows users to use MTrans as a regular MT engine in Crowdin. This means that instead of relying on traditional MT engines, users can leverage the power of MTrans to improve the quality of their machine translations.

To learn more about how the integration could work, ‌visit Crowdin Store > Mtrans.

Placeholders Manager for Crowdin Enterprise Placeholders Manager for Crowdin Enterprise

Easily manage custom placeholders across multiple projects with the Crowdin Placeholders Manager. Add, remove, and edit custom placeholders in bulk to save time and spend it on other tasks within your localization process.

AWS CodeCommit Guide and Task

Enjoy a bunch of new guides describing how to use AWS CodePipeline to create a nice and automatic integration between your AWS CodeCommit repo and Crowdin. And the similar guide on Task runner.

Export Selected Export Selected

The Export Selected app allows you to personalize your translations export from Crowdin. With this app, you have the ability to choose the target languages and project files you want to export, giving you only the specific translations that you require. This helps you save valuable time and resources by preventing unnecessary exports of your entire project data.

Export Selected app

Multilingual CSV Exporter Multilingual CSV Exporter

The new Bundle Exporter for multilingual CSV export allows you to generate multilingual CSV files from your Crowdin project strings. View the full list of available strings exporters.

Localize your product with Crowdin

New File Format: NestJS

Presenting ‌native support for a new NestJS file format, meaning that it can be utilized without requiring any extra installation steps.

At present, it’s not feasible to upload NestJS files through Crowdin’s user interface. But JSON files can be uploaded in different ways, such as through the API, the CLI, Git integrations, and other similar ways. To make sure that NestJS JSON files are imported correctly, you should always use the “type” parameter. More information about file format can be found at Crowdin Store.

Choose Blocking or Non-blocking QA Checks

Now in the QA checks settings you can choose either to allow users to save the translation regardless of the QA issue notification or not (disallow). For this, go to project settings > QA Checks > Allow/Disallow.

Fresh View of Developer Portal

The CrowdIn Developer Portal provides a range of tools and resources that developers can use to create custom integrations with the CrowdIn platform. These tools include API documentation, sample code snippets, and examples of integrations as well. This month we made some improvements over the previous version and refreshed the design of the main page. Visit the Developer Portal and learn how to integrate with Crowdin.

Fresh View of Crowdin Developer Portal

Undo the Undo

Recently we introduced a new feature that allows users to undo the undo action. This feature can be extremely helpful when working on complex translation or localization projects, as it provides an additional layer of flexibility and control.

Before this feature was introduced, if a user accidentally clicked the “undo” button while working on a project, they would have to manually redo any changes that were lost. This could be time-consuming and frustrating. Now, with the new “undo the undo” feature, users can easily revert back to the state before they clicked the “undo” button. This can be done by clicking the “undo” button on the Activity tab.

VCS Integrations: Merge Request Assignees

In March, we added the ability to specify to whom to assign a merge request in VCS Integrations. More information about Configuration file for VCS integrations.

Updated Multilingual View

Our multilingual view just became more efficient. Try the view to make the interface more similar to Excel, allowing more information to be displayed simultaneously. It is not only easier to work with it, cells like source, keys and context are now edible, making it easier to manage your content.

Localize your product with Crowdin

Request App Installation

With this feature, project managers or other users without sufficient permissions can initiate an app installation request by clicking the “Add app” button on the apps page. The responsable person, such as project owner, will then receive a message and email notification with the request to install the needed app.

Request App Installation at Crowdin

More Crowdin Updates

In March, we released the following:

  • Ability to set hours and minutes for deadlines
  • .NET API Client 2.12.0
  • JS API Client 1.22.1, 1.22.0
  • PHP API Client 1.9.0
  • CLI 3.10.1
  • Java API Client 1.6.0
  • Norwegian Bokmål at DeepL MT

New Updates Each Month

We’re constantly striving to develop tools that streamline the localization process for our users. To keep up with our latest updates, be sure to visit our release notes page for the most current information.

Localize your product with Crowdin

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