Crowdin Now Integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket!

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Developers and localization managers are the part of one tight unit now, because Crowdin integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket for all the organizational Crowdin subscriptions!

This means that all the new texts from pull requests are sent to localization at no time, all the translations are downloaded automatically and available for review at GitHub or Bitbucket and all this is synchronized and automated.

Here are the opportunities available with the GitHub/Bitbucket integration.

Instant Synchronization

When integrated with GitHub or Bitbucket, Crowdin instantly “listens“ to the changes in the repositories and takes out all the latest texts into the specific branch in Crowdin. This nimble process helps to shorten the release cycle, as well as keep all the source texts changes up to date in your version control and translation systems.

If you are GitHub user and you got used to Crowdin CLI to send files back and forth, we’ve just made this process much more easier with new integrations. No custom scripts or complex console commands anymore.

Translation Commits

When translations are finished and your languages are ready to go live, Crowdin sends pull request with translations to you version control system. For every branch that is under localization, Crowdin creates additional localization branch with translations. We do not commit directly to master, so that you have a chance to verify translations and keep your app safe and sound.


Integration is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is:

  • to authorize the access to Crowdin account from either of two version control systems;
  • select repository and branch(es) that are supposed to be localized;
  • write simple configuration via UI, telling what should be placed where.

Find out more about integrating GitHub and Bitbucket

It all works thanks to webhooks that let the services communicate. In short, they let apps like Crowdin push updates directly to other apps right when they happen and vice versa. So changes in your files will sync between platforms in the real time.

Each team manages their localization projects differently, so GitHub/Bitbucket integration with Crowdin is meant to be flexible enough to fit into any workflow and to provide a seamless process for anyone who needs to be part of project localization.

Iryna Bilyk

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