Add Localization to Your GitHub Workflows With Crowdin Action

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GitHub Actions give you the flexibility to set up automated software development workflows. Instead of writing lots of scripts, you can create customizable workflows and connect a series of tasks. Like building, testing, releasing, and more. Because localization is an integral part of the development lifecycle, we’ve included Crowdin Action to GitHub Marketplace. You can now add localization to the automated workflow and build multilingual products with the power of automation (read – faster and with less effort).

Localize Continuously From GitHub

Currently, Crowdin Action allows you to upload source texts or existing translations to the Crowdin project and download ready translations from Crowdin to GitHub. You can specify what actions you need to include in your GitHub workflow.

You can also define the preferred branch you’d like to get source texts from and download your translations to. Branches help to manage different versions of the content and localize in parallel with development.

When downloading translations, Crowdin Action can also create a GitHub pull request with translations from Crowdin.

Getting Started

Whether working solo or in small and larger-scale teams, you can benefit from using GitHub Actions and adding Crowdin to the automated workflow. Localization as a part of the development cycle is the most efficient scenario for a tech product that aims at global markets.

To start, set up a new GitHub workflow or add Crowdin Action to the existing one. Check details about Crowdin Action on GitHub Marketplace.

Iryna Namaka

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