Make Sure Developers Keep up with Mistakes in the Source Strings

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Now you can integrate your project in Crowdin with JIRA. This simplifies communication about mistakes in the source strings between translators and developers. Translators report mistake in the source string issues in Crowdin. Developers instantly know about them, because each becomes a sub-task in JIRA automatically. Once the mistakes are fixed and the strings in Crowdin are updated translators would be able to get down to making relevant translations. This way the localization process in your project would go faster.

How does Crowdin integration with JIRA work?

Once you set up the integration a new issue named Source string mistakes reported in Crowdin would be created in your JIRA project. Each new issue marked by translators in Crowdin as mistake in the source string would be synchronized with JIRA automatically. It would become a sub-task to the issue mentioned before. Issues in Crowdin would be resolved automatically when the status of the task in JIRA is the one you choose while managing the integration settings.

How do I set up JIRA integration?

This integration takes only a few minutes to set up. Before you get to it, there are 2 conditions to meet:

When both conditions are met you can go to your project’s settings in Crowdin and follow the next steps:

  1. Open Integrations tab and scroll down to the JIRA Software section
  2. Enter your Base URL
  3. Create an Application Link
  4. Manage and save the integration settings

To find out more read our Knowledge Base article: JIRA Integration

Khrystyna Humenna

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