ICU Syntax in Crowdin

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Wonderful news to welcome: up from now Crowdin is even more accessible to internationalization and localization! We implemented the best ICU syntax support on the market, considerably mature localization tool, which can advance high-quality translations for your projects. Just check it out!

Since target texts get modified in terms of its gender and plural forms, number, time, and date, ICU Syntax provides better support for mentioned features to express all the necessary spelling and grammar details. Hence, it is a paramount element, which standardizes subtleties of the string although tends to perplex inexperienced translators.

Therefore, string localization is more challenging than ever.

Crowdin recognizes ICU formats and with a help of really handy Pre-view option makes it possible to observe different variations. Syntax is also highlighted so it is very convenient to keep required areas within the sight and manage translations swiftly!

It let translators minimize mistakes, review defined message structure, and quality of the ultimate translation outcome.

We did our best to come up with ICU syntax support and are really happy to share this amazing thing with our users! Select, Plural, Number, Date and Time formats are on hand to test and smooth away any issue one could have before.


Plural format is determined to handle plurals form variations. It is known worldwide that languages may differ significantly regarding their plural categories, hence some of them do not actually use all plurals form. Each language has its own list of keywords (for example, “one” and “other” in English). Obviously, this is a true mitigation of the translation complications which can arise from this kind of localization.


Select format is used when one need to choose from a range of gender variants, it picks up some phrases such as male or female form of the word from the provided keywords and modifies it in the needed way. It alleviates gender localization concerns and hastens the procedure.


The purpose of number format is to display different number values such as percentage. This method shows the number as a percentage and attaches the output with a percentage sign.

Date and Time

Data and time types form date and time according to the locale needs. One can set up 4 values - short, medium, long, and full. Each is responsible for a particular month representation as well as time categories. You can also specify the value manually.

This aspect comes in handy when content is formatted due to the preferred format of a certain target language.

One of the perks that significantly reduces confusion is that the platform itself helps you identify potential mistakes notifying that there is a “Syntax error” and showing expected characters. Thus one can forget about wild guesses.

Still thinking whether to give it a try? Contact us right away, we will gladly give you a hand with ICU set-up and show the perks of usage. You already know everything about our novel feature, so no time for hesitation, let’s explore Crowdin ICU syntax support today!

Olga Yavorska

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