Crowdin Integration with Desk!

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Great news for Crowdin & Desk users!

Crowdin and are in the same league which means a mitigation of the pitfalls that users experience when trying to deal with translations of the Knowledge base.

Why This Integration is so Significant?

The answer is simple - itโ€™s high time to forget about the time-consuming processes of copying the information and importing it manually into Crowdin. Right now, Crowdin keeps track of all Topics and Articles you have on Desk and refreshes the content on the platform at top speed.

The same happens when some changes are implemented on the Crowdin side: when the file is completely translated, it is automatically sent to Desk in the short run or even faster if you find the immediate sync option handy.

Crowdin integration with is an excellent feature which ease the localization of the Desk content for every member of your team!

Smooth, agile, and user-friendly! This integration is the thing that will make you forget about mundane procedures and provide a quick way of setting.

Olga Yavorska

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