Announcing the Poedit and Crowdin Integration

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We’re excited to announce a new integration with a Poedit, the legendary translation tool for Gettext resource files.

This integration makes the collaboration for Poedit users way easier. Now every translator that uses Poedit inside of one project, can synchronize his/her work with Crowdin as a central place that manages translations.

The combination of Crowdin and Poedit also reduces the need for translators to deal with localization files manually. Using the integration, the updated source files can be pulled from Crowdin to the Poedit automatically, as well as translations are being saved in the cloud with one click.

This integration allows translators to leverage the new era collaboration tools directly from Poedit app they are used to and even lets them work offline when needed. Crowdin also makes the project managers much more efficient, I can’t imagine handling Poedit’s 70+ translations without it anymore myself

– says Václav Slavík, the creator and lead developer of Poedit.

Iryna Bilyk

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