Preview of the In-built QA Check Tool

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Today, we are announcing the in-built QA check tool. It will help your proofreaders do not waste their efforts, guarantee higher quality of translations, and save your manager’s time.

Here’s how it works.

Crowdin QA check spot mistakes, basing on the number of parameters. Auto fixes and Validators already reduce the number of possible errors during the process of translation in the Editor. However, translation upload allows the space for errors to slip in the final translated document. That is why, Crowdin QA check offers manager to make sure that the program will work as expected with all the new translations.

To start with, you have to define the scope of the QA check you want to be tested on a single field. Before this, go to the Project Settings, Translations tab, and turn on the QA check feature.

Clicking Save will check the translations according to each selected parameters. You will see the results as following:

The languages where mistakes were detected will be noted with the sign of exclamation mark.

Click View in order to see the strings in the project that require attention in the proofreading mode.

Don’t let these cumbersome mistakes stand in the way of your success. Ask the proofreaders to eliminate them and confirm that the translation is free of faults and can be further used with no worries on the matter.

By the way, the QA module always works in the background. There is no further need to use external Quality Assurance Tools for running QA check and spend extra time switching back and forth between the tools to edit segments. What is more, Crowdin QA check requires no additional expenses. That clever tool is available for organization subscription plans simply as an additional feature which helps to ensure the quality of the translation output.

We will continue focusing our efforts on refining the built-in QA tools. The following update will provide advanced terminology and spell checks.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what works good and what we can improve. Let us know how to make your localization management and collaboration easier.

Yaryna Matushkevych

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