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Crowdin CLI is a command-line tool that allows you to manage and synchronize localization resources with your Crowdin project.
This tool requires you to create a configuration file. For more details see https://support.crowdin.com/configuration-file/

  -h, --help          Show this help message and exit
      --no-colors     Disable colors and styles
      --no-progress   Disable progress on executed command
  -v, --verbose       Provide more information on the command execution
  -V, --version       Print version information and exit

  upload, push    Upload source files to a Crowdin project
  download, pull  Download latest translations from Crowdin to the specified place
  list            Show a list of files, branches or target languages
  lint            Analyze your configuration file for potential errors
  generate, init  Generate Crowdin CLI configuration skeleton
  status          Show translation and proofreading progress for a project
  string          Manage source strings in a Crowdin project
  glossary        Manage glossaries
  tm              Manage translation memories
  pre-translate   Pre-translate files via Machine Translation (MT) or Translation Memory (TM)
  branch          Manage branches in a Crowdin project

Manage and synchronize your localization resources with your Crowdin project

Crowdin CLI

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