Android Localization

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Why Android developer needs Crowdin?

If you localize your app or plan to, you just have to check the tool. Crowdin is the tool that will make localization a part of your development quickly and with less effort.


New strings you add in your code goes to Crowdin automatically. Translated content is being downloaded and put to your codebase automatically.


Crowdin allows many people work on translation project at the same time. Invite your translators, manage issues and track the translations progresses smoothly.

Track with reports

Reporting is keeping you on top of all the project activity, translators contributions and translation costs, so you never miss what is important.

Manage via cloud

Our cloud-based system lets you manage project anytime, anywhere. Localization resources are available whenever you need them.

How does it work?

Crowdin simplifies the file transfers, allows to choose translation strategy and help keep all your translations qualitative.

Smooth file management

No more spreadsheets or long email correspondence. You can upload your source files to the platform or use our API for even tighter integration.

Translation strategy choice

In Crowdin, you can go with own translators' team, invite your community users or order professional translators from our vendors.


We make sure your translations do not break anything in your app. Platform has a broad range of validators that won't allow mistakes in your texts.

Before you start localization

Things to understand before you start localizing your Android app.

Externalizing strings

Hard-coded strings such as interface items or error messages must be extracted from code in order to be translated. Externalized texts need to be gathered under strings.xml files for easy localization.

Arrange locales

Android software development kit provides full international support for all the locales. Create a new folder with the correct locale under your res directory, so your app can recognize translations once they completed.


To reduce the doubts if every string from your code was externalized run Crowdin pseudolocalization that will replace all your text with fake language and let you check in app, which texts are left in English. It is also a good way to check if translation fits the space it belongs.

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Over 78500 of successful applications localized!

The number is growing fast; we can't show all of them here but we hope you get the picture!

ADW Launcher EX 34 Languages
MX Player 87 Languages
GO Apps 20 Languages
CyanogenMod 68 Languages
Titanium Backup 33 Languages
Poweramp Music Player 29 Languages
Wattpad 15 Languages
BSPlayer 58 Languages
AirDroid 37 Languages
Musixmatch 59 Languages
Pushbullet 35 Languages
ZDbox 31 Languages

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