.NET App Localization

Localization management system build for .NET developers

What is there for you?

Our solution is intended for .NET developers among others and has a complete set of tools for hassle-free localization.

What localization can bring for your .NET software
Stable and secure

Role-based permissions, SSL encryption, powerful Amazon AWS servers that Crowdin uses will help your project stay protected and accessible over time.


No downloads or installations required, all the resources can be reached anytime from any place and any device.

Easy to use

User-friendly interface, developers tools for automation and advanced instruments for translators make Crowdin simple and powerful.

Why choose Crowdin?

Crowdin is the comprehensive environment that is needed for whole localization cycle in continuous product development.

Quality and assistance

Crowdin offers a complete set of localization tools that are necessary for quality of translations. Also, if there any doubts on best practices, we have an expert to advise.

Whole translations cycle

With Crowdin, you choose how to do translations, but one of the best offers to consider is ordering translations via platform within few clicks, from agencies we have integrated.

Synchronization with code

Crowdin has a bunch of tools that make your code synchronized with localized resources and keep your contents updated over time.

Why Crowdin?

Useful .NET (.resx) localization tips

Primary recommendations on how to prepare your application for localization in Crowdin.

Preparing .NET app for localization

When developing your application and writing texts always keep in mind that your texts in many languages may be much longer than they appear in English. According to the latest research, Russian texts are 35% longer than the same material in English. On the other hand, Chinese texts are usually 30% shorter.

If your ASP.NET application were not developed with the intent to localize it, you would also need to make some modifications:

  • Nib files (resources including buttons, menus, windows) must be modified so translated text can fit;
  • Dynamic strings generated by your application at runtime must be formatted using current locale information;
  • Static strings must be translated;
  • Pictures, icons and other graphics must be changed to be culturally appropriate;
  • Text handling code must calculate word breaks using current locale information;

You can find more information on how to prepare your application in the "ASP.NET MVC Complete Localization Guide" or just contact us to get assistance. You can also pseudo-localize your application with Crowdin to find potential localization problems.

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