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Over 50% of countries in top 10 list for playing games are non-English speaking countries from Europe and Asia. This alone is a fair reason to offer your game in more than one language. Crowdin - localization management platform - makes your game translations easy no matter if it is mobile, desktop, console or online.

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Localization is for you if you want to...

Grow revenue

Sales in game market of Europe, Asia and Africa grows for 10% annually. Organize your translation process efficiently and get more sales.

Involve your in-house translator, freelancers or the hired contractor to do translations. Crowdin gives you a full visibility on the project processes and make it easy to manage translators.

Own translators
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Invest minimum

Reduce your localization investments using the power of crowd.

Invite your game community worldwide to help with translations. There are no better experts in your game texts than its end users. It is fast, qualitative and efficient.


Increase users' loyalty

Make your users feel native-speakers playing the localized product.

Pass your resources to professional translators via Crowdin. It is perfectly organized process of interaction with language agency. Order the expertized game localization and enjoy the results.

Professional Translators

See how it is done with Crowdin

In an example we took average game with 700 strings for translation and 20 target languages. Take a look at the price comparison when translating via agency or crowdsource at Crowdin.

20 Languages
20 Languages
45 Contributors
45 Contributors
Translate via Crowdin$29 / month
Translate via agency$4900

You are in good hands

Over 78500 projects localized successfully and the number is growing!

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