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Expand to new markets with your multilingual product

Crowdin is a good fit for your iOS localization project

We’ve developed the fastest and most handy cloud technology to help you easily and more productively manage your localization project so you can get back to coding.

Simple API and automation

Integrate your translation resources with app code using our restFul API or synchronization tool and automate routine tasks to get more work done in less time.

Easy project management

Your project members can be granted with translator, proofreader and manager roles, which makes the management a whole lot simplier.

Flexible ways to translate

Who will translate: your community, in-house people or Crowdin translation vendors is completely your choice, which giving a space to experiment with costs and speed of translations.

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What is under the hood?

Cloud-based technology with all the must-have localization tools, user-friendly interface and powerful automation technology.

Translation quality tools

Crowdin has everything possible to assure that your translations are qualitative and ready for production: text validators, proofreading mode, issue management and communication channels are quality guards.

Continuous localization

Sending files and their updates for translations and back, store translated content where it belongs in code and keeping track on the progress is an automatic process that leaves you more time to work on your app.

Useful analytics

Crowdin provide you a complete picture on how the project is running on activity, translators’ time investments and costs. Comprehensive reports about the project will keep you updated and clear on next steps.

Preparing iOS app for localization

Preparing iOS app for localization

Writing texts for your app, always keep in mind that your texts in many languages will be much longer than they appear in English. According to the latest research, Russian texts are 35% longer than the same ones in English. At the same time, Chinese texts are usually 30% shorter.

Few steps you need to follow to make your iOS app localization compliant:

  • Internationalization means extraction of all the iOS app texts and placing them into .strings files.
  • Preparing localizable data means you have to add localization languages in Xcode and create [language code].lproj folder for each resource you need to localize.
  • Pseudolocalization - check if all the texts, hidden and visible are extracted and if the texts will fit the space them belong. You replace the actual texts with pseudo language and applying the pseudo texts to your app can check if there any texts left in English.

Along with that, make sure you change your pics and screenshots to be culturally appropriate. Translate your app description as it makes the first impression to the user and the content is critical to your sales.

Let's get started!

Expand to new markets with your multilingual product