Software Localization

Crowdin is the localization management platform for any software products: mobile, web, desktop apps and related assets.

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Expand to new markets with your multilingual product

Crowdin - Localization management service that works
For developers

For developers

Advanced API and Command Line integration tool let localizaion process stay agile and automated.

For translators

For translators

We ensure the translators' comfort with needed tools to make translation process efficient and smooth.

For project managers

For project managers

Pre-configured and custom reports allow to visualize and control the process on each stage.

Make localization a part of your development

Crowdin ties development and translators to work together and bring your product to the global market.

Continuous localization

Plays perfectly with your agile development process. New language translations are regularly delivered, source texts automatically go to translators.

Safe and dependable

Your data is secure and accessible from everywhere. We use protected server network to defend your resources no matter how insecure is the environment.

Accountability and reporting

Advanced reporting system will let you monitor word counts, translators activity and all the other important things about your project.

Workflow management

Translate, proofread, deliver translations. Manage translators and roll out the global product in a timely manner.

Flexible localization strategies

Choose your way to organize translation process.

Manage your own translators

Organize teams of your in-house translators. Select a trusted person to proofread or manage the project.

Easier order professional translations

Use Crowdin to order translations from qualified linguists in few clicks. Forget the manual files sending, everything is under the same roof.

Crowdsource localization

Invite your application users to help with translations, people who do understand the internal sense of your software. Crowdin will do the rest.

How to get started

Three simple steps are all it takes.

Sign up for free

Enter your personal data to create an account.

Create project

Upload files for translations and set up the project to fit your needs.

Invite translators

Choose the translation strategy and invite people to join the project.

Let's get started!

Expand to new markets with your multilingual product

Make the utmost benefit of Crowdin

Find out documentation and tools to take the most advantage over the service.