Great News: You Can Get a Crowdin Plugin for Android Studio

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Do you work in Android Studio? If your answer is yes, then we have some pretty exciting news to share.

If your friends use it — make sure to tell them too. From now on you can download a Crowdin plugin and have the process of strings downloading and uploading much improved.

How exactly it works?

You can upload strings from your project in Android Studio into Crowdin without leaving the first one. And vice versa you can download the translated strings back into your project. Which is pretty awesome because it saves your time. What is also great is that all the new strings you add to your project in Android Studio would be automatically uploaded into your Crowdin project once you start using our new plugin. This way translators would have access to the strings that need translation sooner.

Start using our plugin today

First, you should have a project created in Crowdin. If you do you are awesome, if not go ahead and create your project today. When your project in Crowdin is ready all you need is a minute of your time (or even less) to start using our time-saving plugin. More information on how to install it you can get on

Khrystyna Humenna

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