Build the right localization process

Embrace advanced technical integrations, comprehensive reporting and easy-to-use translation workflows

Take full control of files & content

Never sort localization files manually anymore. When integrated, latest version of the source files will be always available to translators. Translated files are sorted and named correctly when downloading.

Technology Independent

Crowdin supports all of the popular localization file formats and will handle well your mobile, web, desktop application and related assets.

Team management

Invite people to join your project

Work on your projects together by inviting your translators and team managers.

Roles & permissions

Invite more collaborators to your project: managers, proofreaders & translators. Change the role of project participant whenever you need it.

Organization management features

Allow your managers to create projects on behalf of your account. Perfect solution for big companies.

Detailed reports & analytics

Crowdin reports keep you aware of all the project details, activity, quality,
statistics and even costs. Stay organized with our reporting system, never miss important stuff.

Status of project
Costs Estimation
Translation Costs
Top Members

Easy budget calculation

See total strings or words translated, translation costs according to TM usage.
There is a batch of reports that allows to estimate price and work and see how much work has been done.

See contribution of every translator

See contribution of every translator

Detailed profile for each collaborator, so you can keep track of their contribution easily

Evaluate the cost of translator's work

See how many translations were leveraged or reused by translators from the project's TM

Integrate translation into the development process

Collect translatable content
Translation in Crowdin
Commit to CVS (SVN, Git...)
Release App

Stay agile. Reach continuous localization. Leverage automation.

Power in automation: Crowdin CLI

Crowdin CLI is a command line tool that allows you to manage and synchronize your localization resources with your Crowdin project.

Crowdin CLI is cross-platform and it runs in a terminal on Linux based and MacOS X operating systems or in cmd.exe on Windows. It's also open-source and it's source code available at GitHub.

After installation it will not add an icon anywhere, it's not that sort of application.

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Crowdin CLI
  • + Free
  • + Cross Platform
  • + Open Source
  • + Flexible
  • + Universal
Crowdin CLI Automation

Automate the process of updating source files in your Crowdin project

Crowdin CLI Download

Download translations from Crowdin and automatically save them in the appropriate locations

Crowdin CLI Upload

Upload all your existing translations to Crowdin in minutes

Crowdin CLI Integration

Integrate Crowdin with GIT, SVN, Mercurial and more...

Crowdin Api Add File

Add File

Crowdin Api Update File

Update File

Crowdin Api Delete File

Delete File

Crowdin Api Upload Translation

Upload Translation

Crowdin Api Translation Status

Translation Status

Crowdin Api Langugage Status

Language Status

Crowdin Api Project Details

Project Details

Crowdin Api Download Translations

Download Translations

Crowdin Api Export File

Export File

Automate routine tasks with advanced RESTful API

Let Crowdin API automate your localization workflow and forget about managing your localization projects manually.

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Integrations and plugins

Crowdin simply integrates with popular services and platforms. Push and pull translations automatically from favorite systems straight into Crowdin project.

The number of integrations with different systems and services constantly grows

Ease your content localization with a web application

Crowdin's online Editor allows translators to work collaboratively at the same time, from any computer or device while providing all of the features as "old-school" desktop solutions.

Translators editor in Crowdin
This is how environment for translators looks like. User-friendly, fast and intuitive online editor.
Project Status
This is how typically working space for proofreaders looks like. User-friendly, fast and intuitive online editor.

Translations integrity

Online workbench controls entities, placeholders, punctuation, translation length and more — allowing translators to focus on texts meaning, not technical part

Translations Integrity

Consistency & Search TM

Search TM feature allows translators to consider previous translations in order to clear up the accuracy concerns

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Consistency & Search TM

Machine translation engines

Makes it possible to pre-translate the project via machine. Lets translators do the work faster by correcting translations suggested by machine

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Consistency & Search TM

Translation Memory & Glossaries

Translation Memory is powerful technology that gives the possibility to leverage from previously made translations.

Glossaries guarantees terms to be translated the same way across the whole project.

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Translation Memory & Glossaries

Context & Screenshots

Provide more contextual information uploading screenshots or writing the description. Allow translators to discuss and comment controversial texts.

Context & Screenshots
Context & Screenshots

Voting & Proofreading

Add several steps to the localization process to guarantee highest translations quality.

Run proofreading after translation when doing QA. Allow translators to choose best translations collaboratively by voting on translation variants.

Voting & Proofreading

Translate your web apps without coding

Crowdin In-Context provides an overlay for your application, so translators can localize right in the real product. The translation process is accomplished via minimized regular Crowdin translation Editor with all the functionalities (proofread/vote option, comments, terms, etc.).

Connecting generous men and women with attractive partners

Dynamic content translation. Dynamic part of your application — dialogs and messages that appear in the runtime — can be localized just in place.

Instant translations preview. Best way to check translations' accuracy, length without building the app and with possibility to fix issues on the fly.

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