Modern Localization Management

Automate Localization Process for Agile Development. Really Easy.

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Simple File Management

Never send localization files back and forth to translator or agency again. Never sort localization files manually anymore. When integrated, latest version of the source files will be always available to translators. Translated files are sorted and named correctly when downloading.

Technology Independent

Crowdin supports all of the popular localization file formats and will handle well your mobile, web, desktop application and related assets. Learn More >

Localization Strategies

There are three main ways to get translations done: in-house translators, translation agency or crowdsourcing.

Professional Translators

Professional translations in Crowdin is perfectly organized process of interaction with language agency. Crowdin uses the linguists teams from OneHourTranslation, Gengo, Translated, Alconost and Babble-on. Certified specialists are experts in mobile, web sites localization as well as different kind of formal and informal documents.

Use Cases
  • The crowdsourcing project is partially translated and deadline is close
  • You do not have an appropriate language specialist in your internal translators team
  • Translations are urgent and need to be the highest quality so there is no way to do them without big reliable partner

How does it work

  • Your Project
  • Selected Crowdin partner receives notification, find appropriate translator and delegate the job
  • Your Project
  • You download resources ready to be deployed. Repeat.

Use the Power of Crowd

Crowdsourcing in Crowdin is the way to localize software by asking the end users to volunteer. The approach works especially good for localization projects and brings couple of significant advantages:

  • Quality. Essential understanding of product texts makes the crowd translations perfectly efficient
  • Costs. Crowdsourcing is much cheaper than buying translations from agency
  • Reaction time. Crowd reacts much faster on the new texts in the project, which makes localization smooth and quick

Eventually, the approach efficiency has been proven by thousands of projects hosted at Crowdin.

20 languages
45 contributors
Regular App
Translated in 14 days

Crowdsourcing Example

In an example we took average mobile application with 350 strings for translation and 20 target languages. Below is the price comparison when translating via agency or crowdsource at Crowdin.

Translate via agency$4900
Crowdsource via Crowdin$29/month

Collaborative Translations

Invite your in-house translators, hire freelancers or delegate to the contractor. Crowdin will give you a clear overview of your localization project and possibility to manage translators team without hassle.

Roles and Responsibilities

Each project member has a role: translator, proofreader or project manager. Manage big teams with ease.

Privacy and Project Access Policy

Private, Moderate or Public projects. You decide who can join the project and participate in it.

Translation Tools

Crowdin gives a wide range of tools for translators to make sure they feel comfortable working on your project. Crowdin's Online Editor allows translators to work collaboratively at the same time, from any computer or device while providing all of the features as "old-school" desktop solutions.

Tools for Developers

Stay agile. Reach continuous localization. Leverage automation.

Advanced RESTful API

Automate routine tasks. Send new content for translation right after when it appears. Learn more >

Command-Line Integration Tool

Easier integrate Crowdin with your build or CI server. Connect Crowdin CLI directly to your version control system and never deal with localization files manually., Learn More >

Collect Translatable
Commit to CVS
Release App

Web Apps In-Context Localization

Crowdin In-Context provides an overlay for your application, so translators can localize right in the real product. The translation process is accomplished via minimized regular Crowdin translation editor with all the functionalities (proofread/vote option, comments, terms, etc.). Integration is as easy as with Google Analytics. Learn More >

Dynamic Content Translation

Dynamic part of your application — dialogs and messages that appear in the runtime — can be localized just in place.

Instant Translations Preview

Best way to check translations accuracy, length without building the app and with possibility to fix issues on the fly.

Accountability and Reporting

Crowdin reports are keeping you aware of all the project details, activity, quality, statistics and even costs. Stay organized with our reporting system, never miss important stuff.
See Contribution of Every Translator

See total strings or words translated, translation costs according to translation memory usage. There is a batch of reports that allows to estimate price and work and see how much work has been done.

Project Activity Stream

Every action of your project participants is being recorded and displayed to managers as an informative digest with the possibility to analyze or undo project activity.