Productivity Apps Collection to Localize Faster and Achieve More in 2021

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At the end of the year, when achievements are evaluated, and the big goals ahead are all set, we start to look for ways to optimize the usual processes. It’s a great time to rethink how we are doing things daily, and localization processes are not an exception. There’s always a place for improvement.

In localization, we believe productivity depends on how many routine tasks you can automate and the technology you use to do the rest of them. We’ve assembled a collection of Crowdin Apps to help you with the full-scale management of your localization workflow. All of them are free to use and can be installed for your Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise projects.

For Source Text Review and Editing

Writing Assistant

This app will act like your personal writing assistant that will help you review source content for long constructions, hard to read sentences, repetitive language, and more. You will quickly detect the inconsistencies, as well as get suggestions on how to fix them.

Run the Writing Assistant app before you start translation to ensure only valid texts move forward along the localization workflow.

Crowdin Source Editor

With the Crowdin Source Editor app, you’ll be able to edit source strings and add new ones for the selected files you translate via Crowdin. For this, all you need is to install the app, go to the necessary project, select the file(s), and make and save corrections.

For the teams that deal with software localization, it is a great way to update source content in the code base with minimum developers’ involvement. After you update the source content in Crowdin, it can be further synchronized with the code repository. For this, while setting up integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure Repos, make sure the Push Sources option is enabled. The updates to source files will arrive as merge requests at your repo.

For Generating Localization Resources

Translation Memory Generator

Use the Translation Memory Generator application to create Translation Memory from the translated Crowdin projects. After you install the app, you’ll be able to select the source files and target languages you want to include in the new Translation Memory file.

The app is also optimized to create TMs from projects with large amounts of content. This is especially important for Crowdin Enterprise users who can choose projects from within groups to generate TMs.

Simple Term Extractor

You can use the Simple Term Extractor app to analyze your source content for the most frequent words used across your source content. The app will help you identify the segments you might want to add as terms to your glossary, along with descriptions and the preferred translations.

The app allows you to choose out of two approaches to terms extraction: traditional Statistical method based on the frequency the words are used, and Machine Learning powered method that will also take into account parts of speech, help to look for abbreviations, numbers, noun chunks, and more.

Document Aligner

Let’s say you have one DOCS file with the source article and other files containing its translated versions that were translated outside of Crowdin. Use the Document Aligner app to match source strings and translations and generate a Translation Memory file in the XLSX format you will use for future projects.

The apps will be of use if you have translated files in the non-key-value formats like DOCS, MD, HTML, and want to reuse the existing translations.

For Effective Project Management

File Convert & OCR

Crowdin supports 60+ file format types, and you can always turn to our Customer Success team to request the creation of pre/post-processors that will customize the file import and export settings.

With the File Convert & OCR app, you can also convert your source files into the popular formats used in localization on your own. For example, you can translate Apple Pages, scanned PDFs, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and more. See the app description on Сrowdin Store for the full list of formats you can currently convert. And contact us if you didn’t find what you’ve been looking for.

Duplicate Finder

Sharing translations between the duplicated content can save your translation team much effort and save your localization budget. At the same time, handling duplicates might be tricky. The same word or phrase used in different contexts can have different meanings, and somewhat different in formulation phrases can have the same meaning.

With the Duplicate Finder app, you can review all the project strings with different levels of similarity match and select strings that should be treated as duplicates.

Issue Notification Manager

Forwarding issues to the right people right away can significantly speed up the process of resolving them. With the Issue Notification Manager app, you can configure what types of issues created in the projects should be redirected to whom within your team.

For example, the content manager can receive notifications on the source strings’ mistakes, and the tech lead can get all the lack-of-context issues. You can add up to 5 emails to forward the issues to the project managers.

Translation Delivery Time

The Translation Delivery Time app helps you monitor how long it takes for the content to be translated. Install the app to watch translation delivery time and measure the translation vendor’s productivity.

With the app, you’ll get the list of strings or words translated with a specific speed. The app will also help you identify the content that is being translated longer than usual and check on it for possible issues. Perhaps, translators need some more context to interpret the sources faster.

Find More Handy Apps on Crowdin Store

Add these apps to Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise, and get back time to focus on the goals you’ve set for the next year. You can always explore the Crowdin Store for more handy tools.

Here are more details on installing and building Crowdin Apps and what extensions you can expect to see on our marketplace.

Iryna Namaka

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