How to Localize Your Mobile App: Free E-book

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How to Localize Your Mobile App: A Free E-book

Mobile app localization is not just about translating your app into different languages. It’s about creating a seamless and engaging user experience for your global customers, adapting to their preferences, culture, and behavior.

If you want to learn how to localize your mobile app effectively and efficiently, we have a great resource for you. We’ve just released a free e-book that covers everything you need to know about mobile app localization, from the basics to the best practices.

Learn Everything About Mobile App Translation

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • What mobile app localization and internationalization are and why they are essential for your app’s success.

  • How to choose the right languages and markets for your app and find the best translation partners.

  • How to automate your localization workflow using Crowdin, a powerful localization management platform that integrates with your VCS and other tools.

  • How to provide context and guidance for your translators to ensure quality and consistency.

  • How to handle the design and layout challenges of localizing iOS and Android apps simultaneously.

  • How to leverage machine translation and post-editing to speed up your localization process and reduce costs.

  • How to optimize your app store listing and keywords for each market using ASO techniques.

  • How to implement continuous localization to keep your app updated and relevant across all languages.

  • And much more.

This e-book also features insights and tips from experts in the mobile app industry, who share their experience and advice on how to localize your app successfully.

Whether you’re new to mobile app localization or looking for ways to improve your existing process, this e-book will help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

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Download e-book here

Why You Need To Localize Your iOS or Android App

But why should you care about mobile app localization in the first place? Well, the mobile app industry is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable sectors of the tech industry. With over 6.3 billion smartphone users across the world, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving. App usage and smartphone penetration are still growing at a steady rate, without any signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

According to some statistics, mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue in 2023. The Apple App Store has 1.96 million apps available for download, while there are 2.87 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store. 21% of millennials open an app 50+ times per day, while 49% of people open an app 11+ times each day.

These numbers show the huge potential of the mobile app market, as well as the fierce competition among app developers. If you want to stand out from the crowd and reach new customers around the world, you need to localize your app for different languages and cultures.

Multilingual Mobile App: Benefits

Enter new markets

Tap into new regions where your app might not be available or popular yet. You can also cater to the needs and preferences of different audiences, increasing your chances of getting more downloads and positive reviews.

Improve customer satisfaction

Show your customers that you care about them and their experience. You can also avoid misunderstandings or frustrations caused by language barriers or cultural differences. This can lead to higher retention rates, engagement levels, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Increase brand loyalty

Build trust and credibility with your customers. You can also create a stronger emotional connection with them by using their native language and respecting their values and norms. This can result in higher customer loyalty, advocacy, and lifetime value.

Maximize app downloads and revenue

Boost your visibility and discoverability in different app stores. You can also optimize your keywords and metadata for each market using ASO techniques. This can drive more organic traffic to your app page, leading to more conversions and revenue.

As you can see, mobile app localization is not only a nice-to-have feature but a must-have strategy for any app developer who wants to succeed in this competitive industry.But how do you get started with mobile app localization? What are the best tools and practices to use? How do you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes?

That’s where our e-book comes in handy.

Download Free E-book About Mobile App localization

To download your free copy of the e-book, simply enter your email address on the landing page. You’ll receive an access the e-book right away. Download your free ebook today and start reaching new customers around the world.

Localize your mobile app with Crowdin

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