Building Project Hierarchy with Groups [Crowdin Enterprise 101 Series]

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Crowdin Enterprise, the new product we’ve launched recently, helps to tackle many challenges when building multi-language products. From managing extensive amounts of translatable content of different types, customizing localization workflows for numerous teams and departments. To automating the main steps to speed up the development and localization cycles.

In this article, you’ll learn about Groups on Crowdin Enterprise and how they help manage permissions and translation resources for multiple projects at once. With groups, you can arrange related projects together and easily configure access to languages, reports, files, tasks, resources, and everything else on a granular level.

Develop Localization Ecosystem for Your Company

At its most basic, a group is a collection of projects defined by content type, a product that is localized, team or department involved, or any other criteria. Groups function like folders and can also contain subgroups. A subgroup is a group within a group, and you can have as many of them as needed.

If you arrange localization within several projects, you might live without creating groups and manage permissions and resources on organization and project levels. Yet if the project number scales, groups will help you build a clear localization system for your company.

For instance, say you’re a group of companies and want to organize localization for several platforms, a couple of apps, and your company’s website. And there are also marketing materials you translate and want to keep together. Create separate groups – Platforms, Apps, Website, and Marketing. And arrange projects within it, add subgroups if necessary.

Give Access and Share Resources on a Granular Level

Now that your projects are arranged into groups, you can either keep the default simplified resources management mode on or switch to Permissions granularity mode (which we recommend). With the Permissions granularity mode enabled in your Organization settings, you’ll be able to manage permissions and share translation resources within each group and subgroup separately.

When the mode is enabled, you can navigate to the necessary group and switch between the tabs with all the resources and permissions you can manage on a group level.

Secure Data Access for Users

With role-based access control on Crowdin Enterprise and the group hierarchy of projects, you can easily manage who has access to what.

Gone are the days of individually inviting managers to each project. With groups, you can onboard new people in seconds and give them the necessary access. For example, when someone new joins, just add them as a manager to any group they should belong to. This person will inherit manager access to all projects and subgroups within the group they have manager access to.

You can also invite people as organization admins. They will have manager access to all projects and groups within your organization. Managers can also be assigned on a project level. Translators and proofreaders are invited at specific workflow steps and languages and have access to files and resources on the steps they were assigned to. Learn more about roles and permissions on Crowdin Enterprise.

Sharing Resources for Multiple Projects at Once

On Crowdin Enterprise, you can manage translation resources like Translation Memories, Glossaries, and Machine Translation engines on organization, group (subgroup), and project levels. With groups and Permissions granularity mode enabled, you can:

  • Add new workflow templates and edit existing ones on a group level. You can then assign them to any project within a group. Learn more about Workflows.
  • Simplify management of project Translation Memories and Glossaries. When you create a project within a group the translation resources will be available within this project right from the start, without any additional setup.
  • Connect Machine Translation engines like Google Translate and AutoML Translation, Microsoft Translator, DeepL Pro, Amazon Translate, and others on a group level.

Request Personal Demo and Discover More Opportunities

Crowdin Enterprise offers the highest customization possibilities. A personal demo is the best way to learn best practices and adapt the solution to your company’s needs. Request a demo and in about 30 minutes you’ll have a totally new look on how to organize localization processes within your organization.

You can also start exploring Crowdin Enterprise right now and turn to us once any question arises. We’re available 24/7 to give you a helping hand, whenever needed.

Iryna Namaka

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