Announcing the New API 2.0

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Crowdin releases a powerful RESTful API 2.0 that allows you to do almost everything that you’d otherwise do through the interface. With the new API, you can build a continuous localization cycle and integrate it into the development process.

We’ve expanded the functionality covered, improved overall API structure and performance, and made it easier for engineering teams to connect with both Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise. You can communicate with the Crowdin API through standard HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE.

The Highlights of the New API

  • Better structure for requests and responses. New API expects JSON-formatted requests and returns JSON responses.

  • Added asynchronous operations. With asynchronous operations like project build or reports generation running in the background, your application will work without interruptions.

  • Enabled pagination for all endpoints. With API 2.0, we paginate the responses to make sure they are easier to handle.

  • OAuth Applications. Developers will be able to create and integrate third-party applications on top of the new API.

  • Improved security. You’ll need to generate tokens to work with the new API. There’s now ability to define scopes for OAuth Access Tokens and Personal Access Tokens (on Crowdin Enterprise) to set the exact access type. You can create separate Personal Access Tokens for different tools you integrate.

  • Adopted Open API Specification. The documentation has an interactive console you can use to connect with Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise via the new API.

Expanded API Coverage

Compared to the older API version, the new API covers much more functionality. The new version allows you to automate more jobs and script the complex actions depending on the localization workflows within your company.

Along with the functionality of the old API, the new API gives you broader access to:

Source files.
Keep the source files up-to-date, check on file revisions, and manage project branches.

Source strings and translations.
Add, edit, or delete specific strings instead of modifying the source files. You can also add or remove translations, approvals, and votes.

Localization resources.
Upload and update any localization resources, including Screenshots, Translation Memories, and Glossaries.

Create and assign tasks, set the due dates, split words between translators and proofreaders, as well as receive notifications on the task changes and updates.

Create custom integrations, send notifications to the system you use, or pass information to the third-party services with the specific request requirements.

Distributions are necessary to integrate with Crowdin iOS and Android SDK and help to deliver translated content to users instantly.

The new API covers almost the whole functionality of Crowdin Enterprise that includes access to groups, workflows, teams, vendors, and more.

The Old API

Please consider that API 2.0 is now the preferred version to be used. The old API will remain fully functional until the end of 2021.

We’re aimed to give our existing customers enough time to switch to the new API version and will notify them in advance once we know the exact deprecation date for the old API.

Explore the New API

API 2.0 Documentation for Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise has more information on specific methods and endpoints.

Based on the feedback we receive from you, we’ll keep expanding the new API to cover all of the common use cases. So please contact us if you’ve got any ideas.

Iryna Namaka

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