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What’s New at Crowdin: January 2024

13 mins read

Crowdin localization platform product updates January 2024

From enhanced pre-translation options and AI content checks to updated plugins and API enhancements, this update is packed with features to improve your localization workflow. Let’s dive into what’s new at Crowdin.

What’s New at Crowdin: December 2023

8 mins read

Crowdin localization platform product updates October 2023

Welcome to Crowdin’s December 2023 update. In this edition, we’re excited to announce the Google Gemini AI provider, along with other major new features and the introduction of the Crowdin AI Assistant’s new features. The new Strings projects are now accessible on crowdin.com. Check out the latest features, improvements, and plugin updates below.

2023 Year in Recap: Crowdin's Highlights

15 mins read

Looking Over 2023 at Crowdin. AI trasnalation as a part of localization process

Hey! As we say bye to 2023, Crowdin wants to share a quick snapshot of our year. This article briefly examines the cool things we did – new tools, features, and some exciting moments.

We’ll tell you about the path of our AI Assistant as the best co-pilot for localization projects, professional translation memory, string-based projects, and more.

So, join us for a speedy tour of 2023 at Crowdin.

MT Translation: 3 Times Cheaper, 2 Times Faster, No Quality Loss. Ajax Systems Localization

8 mins read

AI Translation: No Quality Loss. Ajax Systems Content Localization

In the fast-changing global business world, making your message clear in different languages is crucial. Ajax Systems, a tech company, is an excellent example of how smart tech can make this process easier and cheaper.

Ajax Systems used to do translations using another localization tool. But then, they decided to try something new and found Crowdin. They started using machines to help with translations, making things much faster and cheaper without losing the quality.

In this case study, we’ll examine how Ajax Systems changed its translation process using Crowdin integrated with DeepL Translate, Reverso, and OpenAI.

So, come along as we explore how Ajax Systems’ localization team made the translation process, more innovative and more efficient.

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What’s New at Crowdin: November 2023

11 mins read

Crowdin localization platform product updates November 2023

In this update, Crowdin introduces features enhancing translation accuracy, project management transparency and important AI Assitant updates. Crowdin Enterprise now offers an auto-approve option for streamlined content approval, and Crowdin preserves approval status for strings in Translation Memory. The Screenshots Preview app simplifies UI copy translation when additions like Wix CSV and API updates contribute to a more efficient localization workflow.

What’s New at Crowdin: October 2023

11 mins read

Crowdin localization platform product updates October 2023

Explore the latest advancements in Crowdin’s October 2023 updates. This article delves into enhanced security, improved AI translations, and a more user-friendly experience. Discover how these innovations can redefine your translation process.

AI in Localization: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Crowdin AI Assistant

8 mins read

Crowdin localization platform AI Translation

If you’re curious about how Crowdin AI can enhance your localization projects, this article answers some frequently asked questions about price, customization, and best practices. Let’s discover if an AI can translate and the best way to use AI tools for language translation.

What is Transcreation? Difference Between Translation and Transcreation

9 mins read


Effective communication transcends mere translation to connect with audiences worldwide. One powerful method that businesses employ to bridge these linguistic and cultural gaps is transcreation.

In this article, we explore the definition of content transcreation, its significance, use cases, workflow, and the difference between transcreation and translation.

What’s New at Crowdin: September 2023

11 mins read

Crowdin localization platform product updates September 2023

In September, we launched the GraphQL API for crowdin.com (previously only available for Enterprise), added a fine-tuning feature for the AI Assistant, made rate management in Report Management much easier, improved MT performance for non-key-value file formats, and much more. Read the full article for all the details.

CAT Tools in Translation and Localization

17 mins read

CAT Tools

In this article, we will introduce the realm of CAT tools, exploring their capabilities, benefits, and the role they play in bridging linguistic gaps and enabling effective communication on a global scale. Whether you’re a translator, a project manager, or simply curious about the world of language technology, read on to discover how CAT software can help you with translation and localization.

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