What is Transcreation? Difference Between Translation and Transcreation

9 mins read


Effective communication transcends mere translation to connect with audiences worldwide. One powerful method that businesses employ to bridge these linguistic and cultural gaps is transcreation.

In this article, we explore the definition of content transcreation, its significance, use cases, workflow, and the difference between transcreation and translation.

What’s New at Crowdin: September 2023

11 mins read

Crowdin localization platform product updates September 2023

In September, we launched the GraphQL API for crowdin.com (previously only available for Enterprise), added a fine-tuning feature for the AI Assistant, made rate management in Report Management much easier, improved MT performance for non-key-value file formats, and much more. Read the full article for all the details.

CAT Tools in Translation and Localization

17 mins read

CAT Tools

In this article, we will introduce the realm of CAT tools, exploring their capabilities, benefits, and the role they play in bridging linguistic gaps and enabling effective communication on a global scale. Whether you’re a translator, a project manager, or simply curious about the world of language technology, read on to discover how CAT software can help you with translation and localization.

Automatic Screenshots for Your Web App Translation Project: Customer Story

16 mins read

Translation context - screenshots

We often emphasize the importance of providing context for translators. The more context you provide, the better translation quality you can get. This is especially important when it comes to web or mobile applications. Since texts for app translation are typically short, context would help translators decide which translation variant should be used.

With Crowdin, you can provide translation context in multiple ways. It can either be a textual context for every key or an in-context preview to let translators browse the web app while translating. A manager in a Crowdin project can add screenshots, so translators can see exactly how the key would be used in the app. Let’s stop on the screenshots, they are great but might be hard to add for every key and maintain them relevant as your project evolves.

One of our customers – Bounce, recently implemented a great solution for managing project screenshots. The amount of screenshots they manage is huge! Bounce project has 8000 screenshots in Crowdin, covering a big part of their product – a mobile app for luggage storage and pickup and their email templates. These screenshots are being updated as the product evolves. No manual work, the whole process is automated. How can that be possible? Let’s figure it out.

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How to Fine-tune Crowdin's AI Localization Assistant

2 mins read

AI fine-tuning in localization

It’s fascinating to watch how LLMs are taking over the translation industry. In the last few months, we’ve seen many great applications of how machines can assist and perform translation tasks. The reason LLM’s seem to be taking over is because of the context they can accept and leverage when translating.

Today, we’re very excited to announce immediate access to the latest version of Crowdin AI with the fine-tuning feature! A way to feed TM’s and glossaries of any size before asking the LLM to translate your content.

What’s New at Crowdin: August 2023

10 mins read

Crowdin localization platform product updates August 2023

This month, much like in the recent past, our focus has been dedicated to implementing AI into localization workflows. As we continue to explore the potential and possibilities that artificial intelligence brings, it’s worth mentioning other exciting updates as well.

How to Localize Your Mobile App: Free E-book

6 mins read

How to Localize Your Mobile App: A Free E-book

Mobile app localization is not just about translating your app into different languages. It’s about creating a seamless and engaging user experience for your global customers, adapting to their preferences, culture, and behavior.

If you want to learn how to localize your mobile app effectively and efficiently, we have a great resource for you. We’ve just released a free e-book that covers everything you need to know about mobile app localization, from the basics to the best practices.

What’s New at Crowdin: July 2023

10 mins read

Crowdin localization platform product updates July 2023

In this update, we’ll unveil the highly anticipated TM Penalties feature, allowing localization managers to exercise greater control over Translation Memory matches. Additionally, the Crowdin Marketplace welcomes powerful applications like Mass User Manager for Crowdin Enterprise, simplifying project management for teams handling multiple projects.

Moreover, new GNU Gettext Helper Apps facilitate smoother interactions with resource files, and the File Type Modifier app ensures accurate handling of proprietary file formats. Join us in exploring these exciting updates.

Why Do You Need a Translation Management System (TMS) and How to Choose One?

24 mins read

Translation Management System

In this article, we will explore the importance of translation management systems and guide you on how to choose the right one for your needs. If you need to make your business multilingual or you are new in localization, this walk-through will help you to deal with your multilingual content management. Let’s see how this translation management software can help manage projects, centralize and automate translation tasks, and facilitate stakeholder communication.

Scaling Up: How Wildlife Studios is Localizing 27 Projects into 12+ languages with Crowdin

11 mins read

Scaling Up: How Wildlife Studios Localizing 27 Projects into 12+ languages with Crowdin

Wildlife Studios, a leading mobile gaming company headquartered in Brazil, embarked on a comprehensive localization journey to expand its player base globally. With Crowdin localization platform, Wildlife Studios successfully localized 27 projects into 12+ languages, resulting in rapid translation, optimized costs, and increased player satisfaction. Let’s explore how they achieved these results.

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