The Year in Review: 2022 at Crowdin

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Looking Over 2022 at Crowdin. New Features to Improve Your Localization Process

If year-end reviews have taught us anything, it’s that people enjoy quick, five-minute read summaries that condense a full year of development and accomplishments. So here it is, a short summary of 2022 at Crowdin.

This year, we’ve focused on ensuring you can make your whole company multilingual as easily as if there’s still one language. That’s why we already have 450+ apps and integrations, so in addition to localizing your product, you can automate the translation of your websites, emails, live chats, documentation and other content on your customer’s journey. We introduced quick ways to order translations right away, and so much more.

We’re thrilled to be helping more than 2 million users and thousands of projects to manage an agile localization process. Let’s take a moment to celebrate how your features and app requests help us grow, our milestones, and how Crowdin became more than a cloud-based solution for software localization

90% Faster Content Update Rollout – How the HubSpot Integration Became a Game Changer for Localization at Chainels

9 mins read

90% Faster Content Update Rollout – How the HubSpot Integration Became a Game Changer for Localization at Chainels

Localization is essential for businesses looking to expand into foreign markets, but it can also be a significant burden for developers, designers, and content marketers. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Chainels, a B2B SaaS company based in the Netherlands, used the Crowdin and HubSpot integration to streamline their localization efforts, automate content delivery, and establish a faster workflow with minimal developer involvement.

We’ll also be discussing the various features and functionalities that Chainels utilized within Crowdin, including machine translation, translation memory, Crowdin plugin for Figma and more.

How to Localize your SaaS Application: Best Practices

19 mins read

Key steps for SaaS localization

As a SaaS business grows, it becomes more important for you to make your product available to users all over the world. As more and more customers from different locales come in, you might start to wonder how to tackle SaaS localization and translation without creating extra work or complicating the processes that already work.

No matter how much content you have and how many people are creating and editing it, with the proper infrastructure and tools, it is possible to create a multilingual product that will help you win customers speaking different languages and grow your business. Translation and localization can be automated, so there’s no copy-pasting for you.

How to Localize JavaScript and React Apps with LinguiJS

29 mins read

Internationalization (i18n) prepares your apps for a global audience in today’s interconnected world. If you’re a JavaScript or React developer looking for a lightweight, powerful i18n tool, you might like LinguiJS.

How Intento Built a Crowdin app in Two Days: 40+ MT Engines Available in Crowdin

8 mins read

Crowdin app by Intento increases MT engines list to 40+

In simple words, Intento provides tools to help companies evaluate, customize, and connect best-fit MT to existing software. With Intento, companies can also monitor translation performance to continuously improve their entire machine translation program.

Read on to find out how Intento was one of the first companies to make a Crowdin App and how it increased the list of machine translation engines to make it easier for customers to translate content.

What’s New at Crowdin: November 2022

9 mins read

Crowdin product updates November 2022

This month, we’re delivering new apps (Dyspatch, Mailjet, Beamer, Google Shared Drives, Braille Translator) and features to make your localization process easier, including real-time spell check available on multilingual view and more granular permissions for API tokens.

We’ve also introduced new notifications about updated source strings and new bundle functionality for DVCS integrations (which allows you to synchronize ready files in the file format you need to your repo).

How to Master E-Commerce Localization: Bring Your Store to New Markets

20 mins read

Ecommerce localization with Crowdin

If you already make a lot of sales in your domestic market, you might think that hiring a translation agency is all you need to grow in the global market. In reality, e-commerce localization includes the SEO aspects of your store, local currency, payment methods, imagery, and other things that should accompany the content translation.

Let’s talk about why e-commerce localization is important, how to do it with the help of localization platform, Crowdin, and what to consider before you localize your content.

Multilingual CMS: How to Choose the Best Content Management System

14 mins read

Content management system translation with Crowdin

You can expand your business into new countries by having your website or product content translated into several languages and optimized for search engines in those locales.

This move toward multilingual content also opens up new opportunities and strengthens relationships between businesses and customers. As the web development industry has moved toward supporting more languages, content management systems (CMS) should be ready to handle localization.

In this article, we’ll look at choosing the best CMS and localization apps for CMS that have features for translating content and publishing pages into more than one language. But before we get there, let’s discuss multilingual content management and why you need a CMS.

Create a Multi-Language Store in Magento 2

6 mins read

How to create Multilingual store in Magento 2

The increasing number of eCommerce stores encourages merchants to scale up their businesses to outrun the competition and stay on the market.

Magento localization requires you to go through a lot of steps, among which translation stands out the most. It is a time-consuming and daunting task. But Magento translation pays off in the long run if you use the right tools to optimize the process.

What’s New at Crowdin: October 2022

8 mins read

Crowdin product updates October 2022

Salesforce Marketing Cloud app, Contentstack connector, ICU Message Format Helper app, and the ability to change the default translation memory (TM) and glossary are just a little part of what happened at Crowdin in October. Here’s our monthly recap.

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