What’s New at Crowdin: November 2022

9 mins read

Crowdin product updates November 2022

This month, we’re delivering new apps (Dyspatch, Mailjet, Beamer, Google Shared Drives, Braille Translator) and features to make your localization process easier, including real-time spell check available on multilingual view and more granular permissions for API tokens.

We’ve also introduced new notifications about updated source strings and new bundle functionality for DVCS integrations (which allows you to synchronize ready files in the file format you need to your repo).

How to Master E-Commerce Localization: Bring Your Store to New Markets

20 mins read

Ecommerce localization with Crowdin

If you already make a lot of sales in your domestic market, you might think that hiring a translation agency is all you need to grow in the global market. In reality, e-commerce localization includes the SEO aspects of your store, local currency, payment methods, imagery, and other things that should accompany the content translation.

Let’s talk about why e-commerce localization is important, how to do it with the help of localization platform, Crowdin, and what to consider before you localize your content.

Multilingual CMS: How to Choose the Best Content Management System

14 mins read

Content management system translation with Crowdin

You can expand your business into new countries by having your website or product content translated into several languages and optimized for search engines in those locales.

This move toward multilingual content also opens up new opportunities and strengthens relationships between businesses and customers. As the web development industry has moved toward supporting more languages, content management systems (CMS) should be ready to handle localization.

In this article, we’ll look at choosing the best CMS and localization apps for CMS that have features for translating content and publishing pages into more than one language. But before we get there, let’s discuss multilingual content management and why you need a CMS.

Create a Multi-Language Store in Magento 2

6 mins read

How to create Multilingual store in Magento 2

The increasing number of eCommerce stores encourages merchants to scale up their businesses to outrun the competition and stay on the market.

Magento localization requires you to go through a lot of steps, among which translation stands out the most. It is a time-consuming and daunting task. But Magento translation pays off in the long run if you use the right tools to optimize the process.

What’s New at Crowdin: October 2022

8 mins read

Crowdin product updates October 2022

Salesforce Marketing Cloud app, Contentstack connector, ICU Message Format Helper app, and the ability to change the default translation memory (TM) and glossary are just a little part of what happened at Crowdin in October. Here’s our monthly recap.

How to Create Multilingual Surveys: Translate Typeform Content

13 mins read

Multilingual surveys with the help of Crowdin

The main aim of multilingual surveys is to reach more people for more feedback and information. To run a multilingual survey, you’ll first need to create a base survey in one language. Then, you can translate your survey using Crowdin + Typeform integration. Once your survey, form, or quizz is translated, you’ll have a separate one in each language, so you can reach people all over the world. We’ll discuss why and how to create multilingual surveys in this article.

How to Provide a Multilingual Live Chat for Your Customers

13 mins read

Live chat translation with Crowdin

For every growing organization or business there comes the point when a question arises: how do you provide good customer service to customers speaking multiple languages?

You can start with a multilingual help center, chatbot, and live chat support. With Сrowdin, you can talk to your customers in their language. Use real-time machine translation to take care of live chat and support tickets in multiple languages on Zendesk, HubSpot, Intercom, and more with Crowdin apps. It can help increase conversions, improve the customer experience and loyalty, and is cheaper and more efficient than hiring multilingual customer service agents.

In this guide, you will learn how a multilingual live chat can help your business, its meaning, and how to implement it.

Translate Marketo Content Faster with Crowdin

7 mins read

Translate Marketo Content Faster with Crowdin

When you’re planning to launch global digital marketing campaigns with Adobe Marketo Engage, you need your content toengage with the local audiences. But this process can be a rocky road when building your Marketo localization process from scratch on your own. With a Crowdin app for Marketo localization (Adobe Marketo Engage), you’ll be able to translate your emails, landing pages, forms, and more to launch multilingual marketing campaigns in new regions.

In this article, you’ll learn how to send content from your Marketo account to Crowdin in a few clicks, manage translations, and instantly sync completed translations back to Marketo.

How Systemair Migrated from Spreadsheets to Crowdin

6 mins read

Why Systemair chooses Crowdin for localziation

Systemair is a global company actively operating in 52 countries around the world. They manufacture ventilation, heating, and cooling products for almost 50 years.

The company first started localization in spreadsheets, a common approach at the time. Soon, handling over 40 target languages started to take too much time. That’s why they decided to migrate everything to Crowdin. Right now, they describe their localization process as “We upload our files, and then it just works.”

What’s New at Crowdin: September 2022

9 mins read

Crowdin product updates September 2022

It has been an exciting month for Crowdin. We finally released the dark theme for our users, and are happy to see everyone’s reaction on social media. In addition to the new dark theme, we have had a number of product updates, including a major upgrade to the glossaries and adding even more customization to our translation cost and cost estimation reports, that now support templates. We have also updated Crowdin apps for Shopify, Notion, and Drupal to make your localization experience smoother.

Localize your content with Crowdin

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