How TYPO3 localized their content management system and 100+ extensions with Crowdin

8 mins read

How TYPO3 Powers Localization with Crowdin

TYPO3 is a free and open-source, professional CMS offering services and solutions for the whole team across industries, organizations sizes, and use cases. TYPO3 is written in PHP with a lot of plugins created by their community. By utilizing a combination of translation memory pre-translation, community translation, and content delivery automation via GitHub integration, TYPO3 has been able to scale its growth while and localize their content management system and 100+ extensions.

In this article, we’ll cover the story of how TYPO3 uses Crowdin to grow their business.

How to Translate App Content for Different Platforms

10 mins read

How to translate content for iOS, Android, and Web

App stores are available all over the world. Everyone wants their apps to be seen and used by as many people as possible. Because of this, app translation is crucial for every company expanding to new markets.

When creating a multilingual app, you want to ensure it works well across all platforms. Modern projects are often spread across different platforms and built with different stacks. For example, you must translate an app with the same functions for Android, iOS, and the web. In this case, you need a way to localize the same content for different platforms only once.

Multilingual Chatbot: Guide on Why and How to Localize It

12 mins read

Multilingual chatbots: why and how to localize

If you sell a product or service online, it’s likely that your customers come from more than just the country where your business is based. If your chatbot can help users with everything from purchasing to getting customer service but only speaks English, you might turn away whole groups of potential customers. It is where a multilingual chatbot comes in.

Multilingual chatbots can help businesses in many ways, from getting more leads to making more sales. But one of the most common ways to use a bot is to give excellent customer service on demand. A multilingual chatbot is a great way to do it if you want to make your business more open and accessible to new markets worldwide.

What’s New at Crowdin: August 2022

8 mins read

August 2022 Crowdin product updates

From new Netlify, Vercel, Travis CI, and Circle CI apps and guides to 7 apps that helps you make your chatbot multilingual – here’s our monthly recap on our latest product launches since July. As always, in this article, we’ll look back on the last released apps, guides, and features.

Let’s find out more about how you can automate more developers’ tasks, create a Crowdin app, move projects between groups on Crowdin Enterprise, and more.

A Word From a Tech and UI Localization Manager on QA management

9 mins read

How Tomedes localize content with Crowdin

At Tomedes, a translation services agency, Crowdin has been one of the most useful tools for all translation and localization projects. It has allowed the company to work efficiently with our ever-growing community of 20,000 native translators to provide 120+ languages and 950+ language pairs.

This article will focus on how to onboard new vendors in using Crowdin and what features are most helpful when conducting QA management.

Java i18n (Internationalization) and Localization Tutorial

27 mins read

Java localization and internationalization

As an aspiring developer, finding a quick and reliable way to offer your app to the world can be challenging. It is the reason why you have to learn Java i18n and l10n (internationalization and localization).

Using Java, you already have the tools to detect the user’s locale and translate your app accordingly.

Localization at Kinsta: Tech-enabled Human Translation

9 mins read

Software Localization and Website Translation Story

Peter Kovacs is the Director of Global Expansion at Kinsta, a managed WordPress hosting platform operating at the top end of the market, providing fast and stable website and e-commerce platform hosting for over 24,400 companies across the world, with guaranteed uptime.

In this blog, Peter talks about building a global footprint from scratch, being a localization outsider, and how, for Kinsta, it’s tech-enabled humans that rule all the way.

How to Localize Emails: Run Multilingual Email Campaigns

21 mins read

Best practises for email localization

Email marketing is a popular way to reach out to potential or current customers and promote your business. You can make international versions of your successful email marketing campaigns with email localization to see if you can get reasonable conversion rates in other markets or try to improve current ones by localizing your email results everywhere.

Email multilingual marketing may seem hard at first, especially if you don’t speak the native language of your audience. In reality, though, it’s not as hard as you might think. Let’s find out in this localization tutorial what email localization is, what it can do for you, and how you can make this process easier and even automate it.

Android App Localization: Key Steps

25 mins read

Key steps for android app localization

Android is used by many people worldwide, so getting Android localization right has become an essential part of making apps.

You might be a beginner developer making your first Android app or an experienced programmer adding to your dozen or so other Android apps. But the main question is: who are you making this app for? This article will help you learn the key steps for the Android localization and reaching new markets.

What’s New at Crowdin: July 2022

7 mins read

July 2022 Crowdin product updates

More apps and connectors for your localization team, a new GraphQL API, and a fresh editor grid view to display more information for translators and proofreaders. In July, we released a lot of updates for you to get your hands on, from new apps like Miro, Appsmith, and Hygraph to features like bundles that allow you to export translations for multiple platforms by generating different files formats.

Let’s dive into the July edition of Crowdin product updates.

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