Celebrating 100,000 Projects on Crowdin

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We’re thrilled to share exciting news – there are 100,000 localization projects on Crowdin! Both private and public, small and bigger scale. That span across tech spheres, and are created by teams located worldwide.

It’s not only about the numbers though. This milestone hints at something much bigger – most of these projects are continuous. And it’s mind-blowing to understand how many teams and companies have set up ongoing localization cycles with Crowdin.

What’s Behind the 100K Projects?

Whether our users build multilingual software, applications, create Help Centers to assist global customers, or work on marketing materials to extend their product’s reach worldwide, we’re proud to play a part. Currently, Crowdin hosts projects that streamline content localization for nearly every kind of tech product.

As more teams use Crowdin, so do more geographies. Crowdin has customers from 160+ countries. During the last year, people from these countries created projects on Crowdin most often.

Great Open Projects to Join

Public projects on Crowdin help to build a truly global community of people that want to make their favorite tools multilingual. Here are some cool projects that can benefit from your contribution.

And there are more incredible localization initiatives from tech companies from around the world. Explore here.

What’s Next?

This milestone comes at an exciting time for Crowdin! We just launched our new product – Crowdin for Enterprise and many cool things are yet to come. If you really want to know what’s next – it’s us doing our very best in helping companies build multi-language products. We hope you’ll stick around to see how it will go.

Thank you for being with us now and in the years to come!

Iryna Namaka

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