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Localization Strategy: 7 Tips

16 mins read

Localization Strategy

In global business, companies have to adjust to different cultures and preferences. Localization strategy is all about tweaking products and services to fit the needs of a new market. It’s super important as businesses grow internationally and want to connect with different groups of people.

This article explains localization strategy and why it’s a big deal in global business. We’ll share seven tips to help companies do localization well, like understanding local cultures, adapting language, and following the rules. These simple tips will allow businesses to do well in global markets.

What is Transcreation? Difference Between Translation and Transcreation

9 mins read


Effective communication transcends mere translation to connect with audiences worldwide. One powerful method that businesses employ to bridge these linguistic and cultural gaps is transcreation.

In this article, we explore the definition of content transcreation, its significance, use cases, workflow, and the difference between transcreation and translation.

CAT Tools in Translation and Localization

17 mins read

CAT Tools

In this article, we will introduce the realm of CAT tools, exploring their capabilities, benefits, and the role they play in bridging linguistic gaps and enabling effective communication on a global scale. Whether you’re a translator, a project manager, or simply curious about the world of language technology, read on to discover how CAT software can help you with translation and localization.

Why Do You Need a Translation Management System (TMS) and How to Choose One?

24 mins read

Translation Management System

In this article, we will explore the importance of translation management systems and guide you on how to choose the right one for your needs. If you need to make your business multilingual or you are new in localization, this walk-through will help you to deal with your multilingual content management. Let’s see how this translation management software can help manage projects, centralize and automate translation tasks, and facilitate stakeholder communication.

What is Machine Translation?

12 mins read

Machine Translation

Machine translation has always been a controversial topic in the multilingual world, but MT is here to stay, so let’s see what are the types, use cases, and how it can help. We’ll also cover which MT engines are available in Crowdin and how to leverage them.

Lost in Translation? Here's a Glossary of Key Terms for Effective Localization

11 mins read

Localization terms

In the global economy, localization and translation are essential. However, for newbies, the terminology employed in localization and translation can be confusing. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive glossary of key terms in localization and translation, along with explanations and examples to help you better understand this important field.

What Is Localization (l10n): How to Build Scalable Localization Processes and Strategy

19 mins read

The definition of localization

Localization is the process of making a product or service fit the cultural, linguistic, and other needs of a specific target market. Localization is an important part of growing a global business because it helps companies connect with customers in different parts of the world, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and, as a result, generate more revenue. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of localization, the difference between translation and localization, how localization works, and how to create a strategy.

How to Translate Subtitles into Different Languages

15 mins read

Subtitle translation with Crowdin

Most of the videos use subtitles now. A research found that adding subtitles to a video made it 80% more likely to be watched. Translating subtitles into several languages is a great way to reach even more people with your video, webinar, or podcast.

So, let’s learn more about subtitle translation, how Crowdin can be part of your strategy for localization, and how to start your next international subtitling project.

How to Master E-Commerce Localization: Bring Your Store to New Markets

19 mins read

Ecommerce localization with Crowdin

If you already make a lot of sales in your domestic market, you might think that hiring a translation agency is all you need to grow in the global market. In reality, e-commerce localization includes the SEO aspects of your store, local currency, payment methods, imagery, and other things that should accompany the content translation.

Let’s talk about why e-commerce localization is important, how to do it with the help of localization platform, Crowdin, and what to consider before you localize your content.

Multilingual CMS: How to Choose the Best Content Management System

14 mins read

Content management system translation with Crowdin

Expand your business into new countries by localizing your website and product content into several languages. Make sure to optimize localized content for search engines in your target locales.

This move toward multilingual content also opens up new opportunities and strengthens relationships between businesses and customers. As the web development industry has moved toward supporting more languages, content management systems (CMS) should be ready to handle localization.

In this article, we’ll look at choosing the best CMS and localization apps for CMS that have features for translating content and publishing pages into more than one language. But before we get there, let’s discuss multilingual content management and why you need a CMS.

Create a Multi-Language Store in Magento 2

6 mins read

How to create Multilingual store in Magento 2

The increasing number of eCommerce stores encourages merchants to scale up their businesses to outrun the competition and stay on the market.

Magento localization requires you to go through a lot of steps, among which translation stands out the most. It is a time-consuming and daunting task. But Magento translation pays off in the long run if you use the right tools to optimize the process.

How to Translate App Content for Different Platforms

10 mins read

How to translate content for iOS, Android, and Web

App stores are available all over the world. Everyone wants their apps to be seen and used by as many people as possible. Because of this, app translation is crucial for every company expanding to new markets.

When creating a multilingual app, you want to ensure it works well across all platforms. Modern projects are often spread across different platforms and built with different stacks. For example, you must translate an app with the same functions for Android, iOS, and the web. In this case, you need a way to localize the same content for different platforms only once.

A Word From a Tech and UI Localization Manager on QA management

9 mins read

How Tomedes localize content with Crowdin

At Tomedes, a translation services agency, Crowdin has been one of the most useful tools for all translation and localization projects. It has allowed the company to work efficiently with our ever-growing community of 20,000 native translators to provide 120+ languages and 950+ language pairs.

This article will focus on how to onboard new vendors in using Crowdin and what features are most helpful when conducting QA management.

Internationalization vs. Localization: The Difference Between l10n and I18n

16 mins read

Localization vs. Internationalization

Are you looking for a way to offer your product worldwide? Then you probably already have come across terms like “internationalization” and “localization.” Let’s talk more about these steps of taking your product global.

Post-Editing of Machine Translation: Best Practices

10 mins read

Post-Editing of Machine Translation: Best Practices

Each translation and localization project is unique, and so should be your translation approach. Once you decide to implement machine translation (MT), you already guarantee yourself shorter turnaround times and cost reduction. But to maintain the quality of your copy, you’ll need post-editing. This article will focus on what is machine translation post-editing, its types and its benefits.

Who Are Localization Managers and Why Your Business Needs One

10 mins read

Who Are Localization Managers and Why Your Business Needs One

Teams face many questions when it comes to localization. Once you decide to scale your product internationally, you have a lot of work to do. Besides deciding on the target market, languages, and budget, you’ll need to find software, prepare your code, upload the files, find translators, ensure they won’t crush the code, have all the resources to provide high-quality translations, and more.

In most cases, coordinating all of these efforts is the job of a dedicated person with management skills, understanding how to automate content updates and set up a continuous translation process.

Machine Translation Systems: Market Size and Things to Consider When Choosing an MT

15 mins read

Machine Translation Systems: Market Size and Things to Consider When Choosing an MT

The idea that machine translation systems can’t handle translations on a decent level is challenged daily. In our time, technology serves as an assistant rather than a competitor in many spheres. The localization and translation industry is not an exception. We’re talking about CAT and TMS tools, machine translation engines, automated QA checks. Over the years, this list has not only increased, but each technology has also improved. This article will focus on machine translation, market leaders, and how you can use them to pre-translate content on the Crowdin localization management platform.

5 Tips on How to Get Crowdsourcing Up and Running

4 mins read

Crowdsourcing is not just a long funny word, it is also localization trend. Did you manage to try it yet?

Most of Crowdin customers did, and after observing thousands of successfully localized projects we realized that it would be great to analyze some accumulated experience on how to motivate volunteers and share it with our precious readers. Here are some ideas we came up with in getting all this tricky motivation organization without a lot of efforts and money wasting.